Earth 's Place In Space.

Sun,Moon and Earth

The Differences Between Daytime and Nighttime.

Nighttime is when the moon shining on a particular place on Earth where the sun is not shining.

Daytime is when the sun is shining on a particular place on the Earth where the moon is not.

This is daytime
This is nighttime

Why do the Earth and the Moon move?

The earth orbits around the sun and moon orbits around the sun which causes the world to become day and night. This causes the seasons on Earth to change.
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The Solar System order and why do the planets orbits around the sun

From the sun then it is mercury then venus then earth then mars then jupiter then saturn then uranus then neptune and finally pluto.

The only reason why the planets orbits around the sun is because of the sun's gravity that is always pulling all of the planets in but because the planets are moving too fast it is orbiting the sun then falling in to the giant pit of lava.

What will happen if there is no moon or sun?

The world of people will die if there is no sun or moon because without the sun we will have no light what so ever and it doesn't matter if we have the moon because the light from the sun is what makes to make the moon shine.

Without the moon we will die too because of the way the tides move since the moon is what we need to control the tide. The tides will go crazy and we will even have a tsunami every five minutes!!!