Magazines Destroy Teens Bodies

Advertising on magazines destroy teens bodies

Have you ever had a feeling that you wanted a better body, more muscle;abs!

Many people feel like this when they’re reading magazines. When stores advertise their products for example underwear, they use athletic-looking models or just people with a “sexy body”. For example, Abercrombie photographs more of the body than the product. Companies using this type of advertising make people feel bad about their bodies and i think that if the ad makes you feel that way then don't shop there.

My relationship with the media is pretty high. Seen the bodies on magazines gets me motivated. It makes me feel like if i want to be like him ,then i work hard. In fact 60 percent more young women than young men feel unhappy with their body types(Spitzer & Henderson & Zivian 1999.) Young teens focus a lot on their types of bodies now , there's a lot of impact with these ads involving athletic bodies. Some teens might take it as motivation for them to get to that body, and some just feel unhappy about their body.

Young women compare their physical attractiveness to the physical attractions of models in ads. According to Science Daily ”the rail-thin blonde bombshell on the cover of a magazine makes all women feel badly about their bodies despite the size, shape, height or age of the viewers.” And then they experience low self-esteem if they didn't look like the models. Same goes with young men , when they try to get six pack-abs. Some teens , women and men , they stop eating so that they would be skinny . Some get sick from these actions or they abuse steroids, diet aid, and anorexia.

If companies or magazines would use people to advertise their product and not their bodies . It would help a lot of teens that are abusing steroids and not eating healthy. Advertising the product to get people to buy it not to make them all these things to their body just so they'll look like them. If they would at least motivate the people watching the ad,telling them motivation speeches i think it would be better. Or if the ad makes u feel like this then don't shop there or see their ads.

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