Daniella's family

My family comunity

Our holidays

Our most important holidays in my family are thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. We all love decorating the house for the holidays. For thanksgiving dinner we cook all the food together and then we eat the turkey. But my favorite part of the day is when I get all the marshmallow yams to myself. But my actual favorite part of the day Is when we finally get to go and get the Christmas tree, I love setting up the Christmas tree. Next we get all the lights and ornaments from the basement and we all decorate the tree. The next day the family that is still there at my house will help decorate the rest of the house. Then on Christmas Eve we me and my brother go down to the basement and play ping pong till we drop. The next morning we open presents and the we eat cookies and use our toys for the rest of the day. Then New Year's Eve is a special day for my family because on that day my mom and dad got married.

The best place to be.

Go school

I love my school because I think that the teachers give just the right amount of homework to do. Also I think that the teachers teach us the right subjects during class. I also like the amount of homework that they make us do every night before the next day. Also they have the best sports and after school activities. But the thing I like most of all at my school is the people because the are kind, loyal, and smart.