November 16, 2015 :: 8 Items

What a week!

I want to take a moment and tell our working moms and dads how impressed I am with you. I had the pleasure of having Liam and Dean with me all week. Jill has been in Atlanta teaching residency classes this week. She stayed at the hotel where the other teachers and students are staying rather than making the commute each morning and afternoon.

That has left me with two boys for the week (Lillian stayed with her grandparents). It takes a lot to be at school every day when pokey kids dress slowly. It takes a lot of patience when you are in your room, trying to work and all they want to do is share and talk with you. I am reminded of how lucky I am to have them and to have that time with them. I am also reminded that is just another way that so many of you exhibit patience and grace.

To those of you with kids at school, who have been through having kids at school, who will have kids at school someday, and those who rush off to kids who leave from other schools- I appreciate all of the balancing you do. It aint easy but it is worth it.

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School Goals to support our LSPI

Collaborative Planning Goals

  1. Collaboratively plan lessons
  2. Use data/student work to plan
  3. Deconstruct the standards

eCLASS Goals

  1. Class websites should be linked through eCLASS.
  2. Classwork/Homework assigned weekly through eCLASS (not 'extra' work).
  3. Use discussion boards at least 1x for Language Arts and 1x for Math each Semester.
  4. Newsletters should be housed in eCLASS.

Principal for a Day

We are lucky to have our Principal for a day this upcoming Thursday. We will be doing plenty of walk throughs. Mrs. Annie Valenty will be joining us for the full day and I am excited to welcome her to our wonderful school. Please help me welcome her. See you in your classroom!


In an effort to make sure all classrooms have the technology they need each 2nd through 5th grade teacher will have six student laptops (2 new laptops and 4 current laptops). Our special education teachers that serve students in their classroom will receive two new laptops and two current laptops. Kindergarten and 1st grade will receive two new student laptops. If you have anyone has a specific question please direct them to Marianne or Tracy.

School Psychologist Week

This upcoming week is National Psychologist Week. Take a look at this video to learn more. Of course, we will celebrate all of our staff members as we do our teacher/staff appreciation week later in the year.
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Ga DoE Survey on why teachers leave teaching

The Georgia Department of Education is studying the reasons why teachers leave public education as a profession. Classroom teachers across the state are invited to take a few moments to answer 7 questions to help the DOE better understand how to reverse this trend in Georgia. We greatly appreciate your time and feedback and know that working together we can make a difference in public education in Georgia.

Responses are anonymous.

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Toys for Tots

Teachers get a jeans week in January if their class donates 25 or more toys. The class who donates the most toys gets a Chick-fil-A party (small toys/toys <$1 will not count). The winner for each grade level will have an ice cream party as well.