Preschool News


All About the Week

Hello! And Happy Holidays! This week we finished up our unit of the 5 Sense. We got to go listen to the band play for our sense of hearing! I think we all want to play the drums now :) On Friday, we had a 5 Senses Popcorn Party. We decided that we used all 5 senses when popping and eating popcorn! In math we worked with numbers and comparing. We also met Zelda Zebra and learned all about the letter Z.

On Friday, we also earned a no nap/movie party for filling up our classroom bucket! We got to eat movie theater candy and watch a Christmas movie while skipping nap time!


December 22- Christmas Party- We will start our party around 9 am and end at 11am. This is our Polar Express party day, so make sure your kiddo comes in his/her comfy pjs. We will party in the morning and watch Polar Express and drink hot chocolate after lunch. This is a 1 o'clock early out.

Christmas Party Snacks:

Reese- Salty Snack

Thaddeus- Meat and Cheese Tray

Laina- Fruit

Ava and Eloise- Sweet Treat

Creyton- Drinks

* I assign snacks just so we have a variety of items, both yummy and healthy, for our party, because this does serve as our snack time.

December 23-January 5- Christmas Break

Check for the January snack calendar.

Please wash blankets and send back after break.

I have sent home a Classroom Christmas Wish List. These are all supplies that we use a lot of during the year and our supply stash is running very low. If you would like to donate some items- we would be very thankful!

Also our crayons in our workboxes somehow run away. Some of the kiddos are down to 2 or 3 crayons in their boxes. If you would like to send in a new box to replenish your child's box, we will make sure they get there.

As the first half of the year comes to an end, I just want to say how thankful I am to get to be in your childrens' lives! They are such a fun group of kids that I have come to love! I have enjoyed seeing their personalities develop and look forward to this next part of the year! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter !!

<3 Mrs. Cummings