Working with percentage

Taxes,Tips,Discounts,Mark-ups,Commission-Kasey Mohorcic

A little more info about these terms

I will be describing how all these terms contribute to our everyday lives...

Everybody uses these terms daily...

We use taxes,tips,discounts,mark-ups,commission

Whether we're shopping...paying bills....buying groceries....we all use these terms

Special percentage terms!!


Taxes:when you go to a restaurant and your meal costs $10.65 and the tax is .89. The total cost of my meal would be $11.54.

Tips:when you go to a diner or restaurant and leave a certain amount of money to a waiter or is my total price is $11.54 and I decide to give a $3.25 total cost would be $14.79

Discounts:when you go to target to buy a pair of skinny jeans for the original price of $29.99 but you get the jeans for 50% off. So now you pay 14.99 for the jeans you want from target.

Mark-ups:when you pay extra money then what it was originally. So for example, if you go to the dollar store and see a pair of shoes for $6.99 and decide to wait until you buy it. You then decide to go shopping at city trends and you see the same pair of shoes but for $9.99, you then go back to the dollar store to buy them since they cost less and are the same.

Commission:when you save a certain amount of money when you buy a certain item. For example, you go to a car shop to look and buy a car. You see the car you want and the price is $10,000 so you decide to buy it but then your car dealer says that if I buy the car I can save $2,000 so I buy the car and instead of paying $10,000 I only had to pay $8,000