April Team Recognition

WE DID IT!! We are officially the DELOACH NATION!!


There are so many stories from this past month that literally bring me to tears of gratitude -- by how much people rallied as a team, even beyond their own goals, to help one another succeed. There were also many tears of laughter due to all the craziness of the system, and end of month rally!

SO MANY OF YOU ARE LEADING THE WAY, showing others how to DREAM BIG, and to DO THE DO! I never in a million years could have imagined this many incredible people would come into my life because of ARBONNE!


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April Team Recognition

DeLoach Nation

New National Vice President - Liz DeLoach!

Half-way to Nation

Holly Kleiman


Meredith Maloney

Half-way to Region-in-qualification

Emily Sandusky in Liz DeLoach's Region

Claire Broxterman in Holly Kleiman's Region

Bridget Gould in Holly Kleiman's Region

Jayme Krantz in Meredith Maloney's Region

New Area Managers

Jayme Krantz in Meredith Maloney's Area

Corinne Babcock in Emily Sandusky's Ares

Erin Finnegan in Liz DeLoach's Area

Shannon Johnson in Haley Duncan's Area


Jessica Perrill's in Liz DeLoach's Area

Erin Oliveria in Liz DeLoach's Area

Laura Ferguson in Haley Duncan's Area

Christine Wolf in Claire Broxterman's District
Natalie Frazier in Holly Kleiman's District

New District Managers

Alyssa Lane in Betsy Weeks District

Adam Holcomb in Marilyn Perry's District

Alyssa Weeks in Betsy Week's District

Stephani Platt in Liz DeLoach's District

Fena Flores in Monica Jenson's District

Becky Puckett in Holly Kleiman's District

Leslie Guiseman in Natalie Frazier's District

Nikki Stout in Ambers Soukup's District

Nicole Peterson in Shannon Johnson's District

Shani Geisel in Ashleigh Moore's district

Jennifer Emerzian in Shannon Johnson's District

Kelly Duncan in Erin Oliveria's District


Steph Lawson in Jayme Krantz District

Emily Collett in Alyssa Lane's District

Sharon Maloney in Meredith Maloney's District

Heather Blair in Corinne Babcock's District

Lisa Fenberg in Corinne Babcock's District

Janelle Granfors in Marilyn Perry's District

Kelly Krohn in Marilyn Perry's District

Meagan Davis in Erin Finnegan's District

Myra Lane in Betsy Week's District

Maricela Gonzales in Erin Oliveria's District

Vanessa Wilcox in Erin Oliveria's District

Jessica Holmes Evans in Liz DeLoach's District

Lisa Yee in Jessica Perrill's District

Tanja Wheeler in Jessica Perrill's District

Allison Baja in Jessica Perrill's District

Teasley Ruback in Jessica Perrill's District

Kristen Cherry Houven in Liz DeLoach's District

Jean Morelos in Liz DeLoach's District

Marina Bunce in Haley Duncans District

Angela Perez in Shannon Johnsons District

Catie Gajewski in Haley Duncan's District

Nicole Kase in Haley Duncan's District

Jennifer Arteaga in Katie Roof's District

Caroline Domanico in Shannon Johnson's District

Rebecca Debano in Vicky Cottrell's District

Nicole Leblanc in Claire Redsuns Disctrict

Shannon Van de Vanter in Ambers Soukup's District

Lisa Beale in Laura Ferguson's District

Rose Duran in Shannon Johnsons District

Emily Sullivan in Becky Puckett's District

Frances Maxfield in Najia Said’s District

Linda Gerard in Najia Said’s District

Nicole Graves in Natalie Frazier's District

Tori Wolf in Christine Wolf's District

Mindy Vincent in Deane Chase's District

Bonnie Frazier in Natalie Frazier's District

Madelyn Mooney in Holly Kleiman's District

Niki Constantino in Holly Kleiman's District

Frances Maxfield in Najia Said’s District

Jen Boots in Liz Odle's District

Kristen Burger in Liz Odle's District

Bree Whitehead in Bridget Gould's District

Melanie Montoya in Bridget Gould's District

Sarah Freese in Teresa Marick's District

Julia Steadham in Emily Sandusky district

Chaye Gutierrez in Emily Sandusky district

DM Bonus Earners

Holly Kleiman

Liz DeLoach

Erin Oliveria

Monica Jensen

Jayme Krantz

Betsy Weeks

Haley Duncan

Shannon Johnson

Amber Soukup

Brook Brand

Najia Said

Bridget Gould

Ellie Seyler

Laura Fergeson

Corinne Babcock

Emily Sandusky

AM Bonus Earners

Liz DeLoach

Emily Sandusky

Haley Duncan

Holly Kleiman

Claire Broxterman

Corinne Babcock

RVP Bonus Earner

Liz DeLoach

Holly Kleiman


Liz DeLoach

Holly Kleiman

Top Central District Sponsoring 150 PCs/Cons/

Holly Kleiman- 18

Top Central Area Sponsoring 150 PCs/Cons/

Holly Kleiman- 38

Top Central Region Sponsoring 150 PCs/Cons/

Holly Kleiman- 66

Liz DeLoach - 66


Momentum is a 'silent business partner' & we are in massive MOMENTUM!

Now is the time to dig even deeper! So many of you are on the precipice of a massive explosion! It is these moments of short-term sacrifice, FOCUS, & no-matter-what commitment that will pay you INTO YOUR FUTURE! It's so WORTH IT! This is the best gig in town!
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