2nd Grade News

By Mrs. Saltenberger's Super Stars April Edition

April Was a Busy Month!

We worked on Landform presentations, planted potatoes with Farm to School. met the Mayor and grew microgreens, constructed ramps with Miss Ward's class, had DEAR day, celebrated Earth Day, had a presentation by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, and Experiment Week (pictures yet to come). Along with our normal routine of reading Superkids, writing persuasive papers, and learning to tell time and read data in math.
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Growing Potatoes with Farm to School By Piper

Mrs. Schmidt came in and showed us a video on how farmers plant potatoes. Then we took a big container, filled with dirt,and planted the eye of other potatoes. We watered them and waited for them to grow. They started to grow in about a week or two. One of the plants is 12 inches tall. We have quite the green thumb!

Persuasive Paragraphs by Jordyn

We had fun trying to persuade others to try our favorite foods. Our class' favorite foods include: radishes, lasagna, steak, chocolate-chip cookies, oysters, hot dogs, pizza, grapes, ice cream, strawberries, cotton candy, mac and cheese, blue berries, and cheesy potatoes. The one who persuaded us the best was Eli who wrote about oysters. Way to go, Eli!
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Meeting the Mayor and Planting Microgreens By Cooper R.

We walked to the high school and met Mayor Jim Hyslop. He told us about his job as Mayor of Eagle River. We then filled containers with dirt and added lots of seeds. We watered them and covered them with wet paper towel. We brought the microgreens back to our classroom. Mrs. Saltenberger sprayed them with a water bottle and we watched them grow, They grew for about 2 weeks and then over the weekend, they died. We had fun watching them grow!
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Making Ramps by Summer

We worked with Miss Ward's class to make ramps that would make the car travel the farthest. Some kids used big books, chairs, clip boards, notebooks, etc. We then sent the car down the ramp 3 times. We measured and wrote down how far the car went. We found out the simpler ramps worked better than the complicated ramps. We also found out the ramp could not be too steep then the car fell off. We had fun problem solving and working together.

Important Dates this Week...

-Send back Stick with Reading Incentive sheets on Monday

-Please send back Library Books on Thursday

-SPLASH at YMCA Friday, May 6th from 10:30-2:30-please remember to send swimsuit, towel, lunch (if needed), and a bag for wet stuff.

- Memory Word quiz on Friday

Looking Ahead.....

-School Carnival Friday, May 20