Plate techtonics

by Ethan Tinsley


Type of boundary-Tranform

Miles -1506 miles (to San Andreas fault) around 3 hours

Earthquakes-Theres been around 60 major in the California area

landforms-fault line, mountains, and bays.

Earthquakes-Some of the major earthquakes in California were the San Fransisco earthquake on 1906 the magnitude was 7.6 and kill around 700 to 3,000. The tremor caused changes in the San Andreas fault line. Another famous one is the Fort Trejon earthquake in 1857 a magnitude of 7.9. The tremor moved the San Andreas fault line and estimated 29 feet. One person died and the Earth quake could be heard from Las vegas.


Type of boundary-Divergent

Miles to Iceland around 4,000 around 6 hours in a plane

Earthquakes-13 Earthquakes in Iceland


Earthquakes-Some of the most interesting earthquakes there are the 2000 earthquake only one injury minor damage magnitude was 6.6. Another was the one in 2008 sheep were killed 30 injuries a magnitude of 5.9.



Miles-around 10,500 and around 24 hours

Landforms-Volcanos and mountains

Earthquakes-around 80

Earthquakes-Some of the most famous were the great kanto earthquake the most deadliest earthquake in Japan around 142,800 people died it was 7.9 magnitude and lasted 10 minutes it happened in 1923. Another Earthquake more recent in 2011 that was 9.0 magnitude the Tohoku earthquake, the earthquake triggered tsunamis and damaged some nuclear reactors leaking radiation into the land and were around 50 aftershocks.

Topographic map of Mount Fuji

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How to read it

The lines on the map each mean a change in the elevation the number on it are the miles above sea level, The little lines in between are minor changes on the map level above sea level can be seen by subtracting the 2 bigger lines between it and then counting the lines between it and the divide it by the number you got subtracted.The you have the number for each line that is being added count how much little lines it goes up and add it by the bigger line.