Schauwood Award - Best Teen Fiction

Leap Day by Wendy Mass Wins Award

Leap Day by Wendy Mass

Leap Day by Wendy Mass was chosen for the next Schauwood award proving it to be the best teen fiction book of the year. Being unique, having relatability, a great plot, and loads of peoples interest gives this book the A+ in the teen fiction section.

The creators of this award - Emily Sherwood and Amanda Schauberger - said "It's a book that makes you want to keep reading, and never put it down. We never lost interest." to prove their point of it getting the high points in the 'Peoples Interest' section of the award.

The book has a 'fantastic writing technique to it', because of its many descriptive words and the authors section of genre.

It being original, filled with creativity and unexpected plot parts gives it high points within uniqueness. "You don't see a book like this - about a girl born on leap day - every day. Very original," says Schauberger, "Very creative, definitely unique." Sherwood adds. "only a one-in-1,461 chance of having my birthday (February 29th)" (Page 3) The book states. "Not everyone would've thought of this idea for a book, that's what caught our eye." Sherwood states.

"The plot makes you want to keep reading. It's so well written, it just keeps you wondering what'll happen next. Fantastic." Sherwood explains. "I never thought you'd choose dare," (193) "I did not know what was going to happen! It just made me want to read more!" says Sherwood.

"It reminds you of past events and emotions," Says Schauberger, explaining why this is under 'relatability'. "It really can relate to a teen who's reading this." Sherwood adds in.

The book was graded highly, and shown that it was loved by the creators of this award.

"The book definitely deserved this award. It was fantastically written, a great plot to it, and it was very creative. What else could you ask for when it comes to a teen fiction book?"