Genetically Modified Organisms


Negatives on the Environment

  • Unintended transfer of transgenes through cross-pollination
  • Unknown effects on other organisms (e.g., soil microbes)
  • Loss of flora and fauna biodiversity

Negatives on Small Farmers

  • Larger corporations continually press against smaller farms owned by them to produce using GMOs and to raise livestock in horrible conditions. They do this by pressing farmers with debt and contracts.
  • GMOs may simply overtake smaller farmer's shares in the market because of higher yield and resistance

Negatives on Health

  • GMO tests are usually 90 days and that is not sufficient time to prove if GMOs are good or bad for the human consumption
  • Could cause allergies for people because GMOs contain novel proteins and people could be allergic to one of the components of GMOs
  • Sometimes, some GMOs could be safe while other could be not; each GMO has its own 50/50 chance of whether it is good or bad
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