Tri-State Window and Door Factory

Installation and Qualified Service Repair of All Types of Windows and Doors

Do you need a window replacement in your home if the seal is broken on vinyl and wood undergarment rot? Tri State Window and Door Factory is pleased to welcome you at our company. We offer our services for replacement of doors, windows, vinyl and automation of these in the community of New Jersey. We design, manufacture and install a wide range of wood and Custom Vinyl Windows in NJ with better sealing systems, privacy and security that allows you to carry out your project is the size of it. With over 30 years of experience we also offer smart advice to carry out your project.

Tri State Window and Door Factory is fully confident in our product, so all our equipments and installations are guaranteed to cover adjustments and changes to the system if necessary. We always maintain a balance between structures and functions because not each materialis suitable for all designs and each design is different. Therefore, we care for every little detail to offer stylish and elegant designs without losing optimum functionality and ease of use.

Tri State Window and Door Factory strive to improve the customer experience always giving a rapid response throughout New Jersey. We appreciate your time and money as much as you do. We can offer free quotes for Replacement Vinyl Siding in NJ, windows and doors all you have to do is contact us by phone 973-471-5500 or fill out the short form on the right side of our web site