East Timor

Dean J Orwig

The capital of East Timor is Dili.

  • Population is 1,172,390
  • Its most famous mountain is Mt. Ramelau
  • North is Phillipines
  • East is Papua New Guinea
  • South is Australia
  • West is Indoenesia


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  • In World War 2 an estimated 60,000 Timorese died
  • East Timor was taken by Portugal
  • They are descendants of Asia and Melanesia.
  • Rebel attacks left their president crippled.
  • http://preview.tinyurl.com/mdvzlor

People and Places

98% of people are Roman Catholicism and usually always wear western clothes.Common drink is tea and coffee and the man of the house is the man.




  • Can vote when you are 17.
  • They import about 90% of their goods.
  • Only 43% of their roads are paved.
  • Kids in between 6 and 15 have to go to school.
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