Victoria Clark

Snow Leopard

Join the fight to help save snow leopards

What you can do:
  • help to stop illegal hunting
  • human-wildlife conflict
  • help stop grazing of livestock in snow leopard habitat

Facts about Snow Leopards:

  • Know for its thick fur that has white, yellowish or a soft grey coat with ringed spots of black on brown.
  • They hunt wild sheep and goats. Also smaller animals like rodents, hares, and game birds.
  • Found in altitudes that range between 9,800 and 17,000 feet.
  • China contains 60 percent of snow leopard habitat.
  • They stalk their prey and can spring from a distance of 20-50 feet.
  • They can leap up to 30 feet, which is six times their body length.
  • mating season is between january and mid-March
  • They have 2-3 cubs
  • Cubs follow their mother on hunts for three months and they stay with there mother through there first winter.
  • Head and body length is 47-59 inches, the tail is 30-39 inches long.
  • live up to 15 years

Survival Threats:

  • Poaching of fur
  • Loss of habitat caused from deforestation and dam projects
  • Loss of food sources