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August 2016



Happy August Ladies!!

This month, I am offering a special SIGN UP BONUS!!! I had SOOOOO much fun at Hoopla, Stella & Dot's annual conference and I would love to treat YOU to some #sdjoy!! (i.e., a special engravable when you sign up and hold your first trunk show in August!!! HOST YOUR OWN and take advantage of the HOSTESS BONUS too!!)

So... Now is the time to ask yourself... What is your WHY and what would YOU do with your commission? What is holding you back??? You cannot always wait for the perfect time; Sometimes you must DARE to jump!! Darling, this is YOUR chance to SPARKLE!!!

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What Would YOU Do?

How Will YOU Style YOUR Life??

My team is amazing! Each stylist has her own reason for WHY she is part of Stella & Dot. The beauty of this business is that you choose when you work... you make your own goals... you work at a pace that is right for YOU! There are stylists on my team that do 6 trunk shows a month! Some do 1 trunk show a quarter! There are no minimums, so you can STYLE YOUR OWN LIFE! See below for some different types of stylists!
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I celebrated my 2nd Stella-versary on June 19th! When I joined, I did so JUST so I could host a brunch with my favorite girls. When my stylist was not available, she asked me if I wanted to be the Stylist for my OWN show... I thought to myself "WHY NOT?" My hope is that you not overthink the sign up... Just say to yourself "WHY NOT?" A year from now, you will be enjoying finishing every outfit with the perfect jewels... making Blue Card purchases, such as manicures or music class for your child, and maybe even getting ready for a trip with your special person!!! So, ask yourself- WHY NOT?!?!?! And then JUMP DARLING!!!

SIGN UP BY AUGUST 15th AND HAVE YOUR FIRST SHOW IN AUGUST-- GET ONE OF THESE FROM ME!! No better way to start your collection than with a personalized piece!!!

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