Workshop Wednesday

Common Core Executive Team- Math

Working Through Common Core-Math

Bring your Mind, Laughter and Something to eat!! We Will Take a glance at Investigations- Workshop/Geometry 3-5th grade and Build our Classroom DATA WALLS

Workshop Wednesday

Wednesday, Oct. 17th 2012 at 2:45-5pm

Harper Lab, Kiser Elementary

Bring your Mind, Laughter and a table Snack for your co-workers to eat.
1. 2:45- 2:55- Snack and Laugh.

2. 3:00-3:10- Teacher Clip

3. 3:15-4:00- Common Core Executive Team- Investigations- Math

4. 4:00-5:00- Data Walls , MCRel Sign Off, News- From Mr. Froneberger & Ticket Out Prizes