Wednesday's Word

November 17, 2021

What's Inside

- Family Letter

- COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic for ages 5 and up

- Reminder: Car Drop-off Procedure

- Noon Dismissal 11/24/2021

- 6th Grade Promotion Fundraiser Information

- Classroom Happenings

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that we are quickly approaching the end of the first term of the school year. In the next few weeks you will have the opportunity to come into school to meet with your child(ren’s) teacher to discuss their academic and social/emotional progress. Parent-teacher conferences are a wonderful opportunity to share information and partner to support your child’s success both inside and outside of the classroom.

Parents, children and teachers all benefit when there is a strong, positive relationship between home and school. Children feel more confident and secure when they see their parents and teachers working together. Parents and teachers benefit when there is a strong line of communication and they are able to share information and work together to support children’s success.

Below are a few quick tips for how to build a strong relationship with your child’s teacher.

  1. Keep in touch- If you have information that you think would be helpful to your child’s teacher as they work with your child, send a quick email or leave a voicemail. If there are changes to your child’s schedule, or anything that is going on outside of school that you feel might be affecting your child- let the teacher know so that they partner with you to support your child.

  2. Ask if you have a question or concern- If there is something that comes up or that your child is unsure of, please reach out and ask! There may be times where your child has misheard or misunderstood a direction or has questions about a topic. Teachers can help resolve misunderstandings or work with your child to review a concept they might be struggling with. If there is a question or concern- it is best to start with the teacher to problem solve together.

  3. Recognize the different roles you play- As a parent you know your child better than anyone and you have the opportunity to observe your child as they interact with friends and family. You also see how your child responds to many different situations as they navigate the demands of their daily life. You have the responsibility to be an advocate for your child. Teachers know your child as a member of their classroom community and have strong insight into how your child is developing academically and responding to their learning environment. Teachers have the responsibility to advocate for the needs of all of the children in their class. Recognizing the different roles you each play can help to support you in developing a stronger partnership.

  4. Ask how you can support your child’s learning at home- If your child is having difficulty with a specific concept or is struggling with homework or other assignments, let the teacher know. Teachers have many resources and tools that they are able to share with you to help you support your child’s growth.

  5. Remember that you share a common goal- While parents and teachers may have different perspectives, you do share a common goal. Making sure your child is developing strong academic skills, forming positive relationships and gaining confidence in themselves as a learner is something both you and your child's teacher are committed to. Working together as a team you can ensure that these goals are met!

Have a great weekend- We look forward to meeting with parents and having you see the exciting learning that is taking place all around our schools!


Dr. Ingrid Allardi

REMINDER: COVID 19 Regional Clinic for Norfolk, Plainville, Wrentham and King Philip Schools for ages 5-11 and up

We are pleased to offer a local, regional clinic in partnership with the state and Cataldo ProEMS. This clinic is for students, ages 5 and up, their families and the staff from any of the four districts.

Monday, November 22, 2021

3:00-7:00 pm

King Philip Regional High School Gym

Pre-registration is required. Link includes registration and consent

Pre-registration Link for Nov. 22nd clinic

To get more information please read the attached COVID-19 Vaccination

Reminder: Freeman Kennedy Car Drop-Off Procedure

As the school year progresses please remember the following at car drop-off:

• Students cannot be dropped off prior to 8:45am

• Students may not exit cars until staff members are outside on duty

• Cars may not pass around other cars unless a staff member initiates it

• No Idling is permitted in the drop-off circle

Reminder - Thanksgiving Holiday Break

Wednesday, November 24 - Noon Dismissal

Thursday, November 25 - No School, Thanksgiving Day

Friday, November 26 - No School

Additionally, there will be no edition of Wednesday's Word on November 24th.

Fundraiser for 6th Grade Promotion!

Over the next six months the 5th/6th Grade Promotion Committee will be hosting a variety of fundraising events to support the 6th Grade Promotion in June, 2022. As a school district it is important for us to recognize and celebrate your child's years within the Norfolk Public Schools. All money raised goes towards end of the year events for our 6th graders (field day, promotion day, ice cream truck, Camp Bournedale, etc..) and a gift that is left to the fifth grade class. Our goal this year is to have a variety of fundraising events which involve students, families, and some virtual events too!

Our first fundraiser is with Boston Wick Candles. The school receives 50% of the proceeds! If you are interested in ordering a candle, please fill out the Order Form and send it into school with your child.

All candle orders are due this Friday, November 19th.

If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please feel free to reach out to Kendra Bixby at or Lisa Altham-Hickey

Thank you in advance for supporting our fundraising events this year!

Norfolk PTO Annual Sponsorship Drive and RAFFLE!!

A reminder that the PTO is currently running our annual sponsorship drive and RAFFLE!

Wondering what sponsorship is? Sponsorship of the PTO is our biggest fundraiser, with 100% of the money raised going right back into Norfolk schools and students.

Please see the attached letter and sponsorship form for more information about what sponsorship is, what the PTO does, and some fun items we are raffling off as part of this fundraiser.

Please print the sponsorship form and return it with a check to school with your child by Friday, November 19th, or make your donation online at:

Thank you!

Norfolk PTO

Norfolk Recreation Urban Air Fieldtrip!

Thursday, December 9th - Half Day

Click the picture for more information!

Register on-line at:

Veterans Day Hero pictures from our Kindergartners

They're Back......Gnomes and Snow people slowly come to life in Mrs. Mellick's art classes... it's a process!

Thankful Writing in Samantha Moore’s fifth grade class!

Math workshop in Ms. Michenzie’s room!