Gender and Identity

The Life of a Young Black Teen


I believe that I am a outgoing and caring person. When I am at school I am a student that gets her work done in class and in the hallways I love to socialize with people but still try to get to class on time. At home I am an older sister of two siblings and a daughter. I like to spend time with family but also hangout out with friends. I like to dance and also step. I am on of the step team at school and also apart of Praise Dancing at the school and church.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Antonio is a friend of Sebastian that has a big crush on Sebastian that nobody knows about. He is the one who saved Sebastian from the ship wreck and wants to help as much as he can with Sebastian so he can find his sister. He does not want Sebastian to go to Orsino's court alone and he doesn't because Antonio follows him. The text says "Will you stay no longer? nor will you not that I go with you?" (II.i.6-12). This quote is saying how Antonio does not want him going alone and he refuses for him to go alone.


There are positive and negative things about me being a female and African American at that. Back then females use to get treated with disrespect. On top of that African American females got treated even worse. With me people like to underestimate me and think i am not capable to do certain things but i can. People often come up to me and ask me if my hair is real because I am African American with long hair. There are stereotypes about how if you are an African American female your hair is going to be short and that's not true.

Antonio is a man that saved Sebastian from the ship wreck. He has advantages because in this time men have more power and get to do more things. Woman in this time zone cannot do as much as the men and it still is like that today just not as bad. Antonio just is not accepted in Orsino's court because he has problems with some of the people there. Other than in Orsino's court he has more choices that some people cannot do.


My friends see me as an outgoing and nice person that loves to have fun. My parents see me as a responsible young lady but at times hard to handle. My teachers see me as a quite girl in class that is there to learn and complete their assignments. People that does not know me sees me as a young African American Girl that is always really joyful. How people see me is how I am and I love that about myself.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Antonio as a caring and honest person. He does whatever he can to help Sebastian out. Orsino on the other hand see's Antonio as a bad person that is why does not want him in his Court. He is always looking out for other people before himself because he is just that type of person. "If you will not undo what you have done—that is, kill him whom you have recovered—desire it not. Fare you well at once. My bosom is full of kindness, and I am yet so near the manners of my mother, that upon the least occasion more mine eyes will tell tales of me. I am bound to the Count Orsino’s court. Farewell"(II.i.30-36) pg.2. This quote is saying that Sebastian really cares about Antonio and see's Antonio as an amazing friend.

Similarities and Differences

A similarity between Antonio and myself is that we both make sure that others are okay before ourselves and is very caring. Also we are both there for the people when they need to talk about anything and try to make them feel better.

A difference is that he is a man and that I am a female. He has a big crush on someone at the moment and I am not crushing on anybody at the moment. He lives by himself and i live with my sisters, my mother and my father.

"Romanticide" - Twelfth Night 1996 (Antonio/Sebastian)