Carlos Sanchez Period 1

Career Details.

  • Duties: Surgeons and Physicians diagnose and treat injures and illness in patients. Physicians examine patients, prescribe any medcations, look at their health history and interpret diagnosic tests.
  • Working Enviroment: Physicians have irregular hours, work long, and have overnight hours. Physicians work in in private offices or clinics.
  • Pay: Physicians are one of the highest paid of all occupations. Varied by their practice. For Physicians practicing primary care, the median is over $202,392, while practicing in specialties areas had a median is over $356,885. While the median for nearly all jobs in the medical field average over $33,840. Over all physician and surgeon spectrums, the median averages over $166,400 per year in 2010
  • Job Outlook: employment of physicians and surgeons is expected to grow by over 24% from 2010 to 2020 faster than the average for all occupations.
  • Job Prospect: Job locations should be good if one is willing to practice in rural or low income areas because they have difficulty drawing in physicians. Another job prospect is people dealing in the specialties regarding the old particularly the aging baby boomers where cardiology and readiology will be highly needed and this area is a good area expected to increase.
  • Education to Become one: Almost all physicians complete 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, 3-88 years of intership and residency programs, depending on where they are trying to go or their specialty. Very expensive and demanding, over 88% of public medical school school graduates and over 85% of private school school graduates are in debt for educational expenses in 2010. Expected to grow!
  • Important skills: Some important skills required to become a physician or surgeon include communication skills, empathy, leadership skills, detail oriented, patience, physical stamina, organizational skills and many other qualities.