Gingko Newsletter

Week of October 5, 2015

Hello Gingko Families!

This week we...

Had our first art lesson with Studio in a School. Our art teacher, Studio Sara, taught us about collages. We used all different kinds of shapes to make a collage. We used glue to paste them to our base. We even learned a song to help us remember how to glue. “Dip, Dip, Dip. Tap, Tap, Tap. Spread, Spread, Spread, Like Butter on Bread!”

Remembered to include the people and a setting in our drawing. If our story was about the park, we made sure to draw a slide and swing. If our story was at a restaurant, we remembered to draw a table, food, and chairs.

Used pictures to retell stories that we have heard before. We have lots of emergent storybooks in our room (Caps for Sales, Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen, etc).

Collected leaves at the playground and used crayons to create leaf rubbings.

Got our own baggies and collected nature in Fort Greene Park. We found so many exciting and cool things that we brought back to our classroom. We got a chance to play with the things we found, too.

Met Marissa’s sister, Aimee!

Decorated our future canvas book bags with fabric paint!

Watched Chelsea help welcome some families to our Community Gathering...yay Chelsea!

Introduced the water table, and experimented with new materials. We figured out different ways to move water; using tubes, pumps, buckets and funnels.

Celebrated Sierra’s birthday!

Talked about ways that we can take care of our classroom, ourselves, and our friends. We had such great ideas; “don’t tell on people for no reason,” “be kind to people,” “take care of your line partner and hold their hand gently,” “be careful with the toys.” The Gingkoes are so kind; conversations like these help strengthen our community even more.
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Some conversation starters for this week...

I heard you read The Little Red Hen, can you tell me about it? Why didn't the hen share the cake she baked with the other animals?

What kinds of things did you find when you went to Fort Greene Park?

What did you do with the things you found? What would you like to do with them? (Please encourage your child to share their ideas with us!)

What did you do during Exploration this week? Who did you play with? Did you work together to build something?

I heard the Gingkoes have been making lots of paper fans! Do you know how to make a paper fan?

Can you show me? I can help you learn...

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Enjoy the long weekend! See you on Tuesday!