Built, Forward, Tough

A Better way Forward

Debate/ Issues

This Friday the first Presidental Debate starts at 8:00. This Debate is going to be on the issues that we have. The (job)is tell us want they think their 4 most important issue and WHY? They both have twenty minutes. Starting now with Built, Foward, Tough. Our first issue is Education. We think that Education is the most important issue because it starts all of the other issues, for instance Education gives good skills to people to get jobs. One job could be finding a way to make Health Care better.

Speaking of Health Care it brings us up to our second issue. Health Care I think is the second most important issue. People are dying because thay can pay for heath care, but we will lower cost of health care and make kids under 21 stay under their parents health care or legal gar

The third most imprtant issue to us Economy and jobs. We think that it is the third most important because people are still living on the road without a job. I think that weneed to make over 1 million jobs a year. If you own a buisness you need to try to open more jobs at your buisness.

The fourth most important issue is Deffense because they fight for our country. I think we need to make machines that can fight for us so that we don't have put out our brave men and women. If the machines don't work out we need to give some really good gear to our forces.


Friday, Oct. 19th 2012 at 8-8:45pm

New York, NY

New York, NY

This is going to be our first ever Party Debate!!!!! This Debate is going to be on your 4 most important issues. You have to descibe the issues and you have twenty minutes to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2:00- Make a speech about all of the 4 issues that are most important to party.

5:00-Go to New York City on a private jet.

7:30- Arrive at New York. Try to get the voters attentions to vote for me and not the other parties.

8:00-Walk out on stage and start the Debate.


If you all haven't voted go to my website. My website is at schoolisforcool.net to help me help your problem.