The Southwest

By:Jonas, Erin, Anna, jace


A.K.A the lone star states the southwest is a community of food, people, climate, Cowboys, and sopapillas. the states are Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.
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Geographical features and climate

The Grand Canyon, Colorado river, and Sonora desert are in Arizona. While nasa is in Texas so is the rio grande. The climate in the southwest can be semi-arid, while In other parts it can be arid so technically it's a dry place and has some deserts.

Food Food Fooooooooooooooooood

As you all know food is a important part of life, as well as being delicious (most of the time) it allows you to live (if you don't use I.V drip) and is an important part of culture. For example I looked up foods in the southwest and it came up with foods that represent 50 of our states (Hawaii of course is spam). the food that represents Texas is Tex-mex food, Arizona is chimichangas, New Mexico is green chili, and Oklahoma is chicken fried steak (contains no chicken). There are foods like sopapillas which I'll put a link to the recipie below.
Sopapilla recipie

A sopapilla recipe

Famous people

There are many famous people in our region but these are the people we chose. Our first person is Neil Patrick Harris and he is an actor from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He starred in The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2. He also starred in How I Met Your Mother. Our second person is Brad Pitt and he is also an actor but he is from Shawnee, Oklahoma. He was featured in The Big Short, Moneyball, and World War Z. Another famous person in the southwest is Dwight David Eisenhower and he was from Denison, Texas. He was a general in WWII and soon after he became our 34th president. Our last famous person is Louie Espinoza and he was from Winkelman, Arizona. He was Arizona's 1st world champion boxer. He was in the featherweight division and achieved world champion boxer in 1987 by defeating Tommy Valoy.
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Brad Pitt

Jobs and industry

Jobs in the Southwest region are farming, mining, and science. Farming is a big job because in the Southwest region they have a lot of fertile soil. So it makes it a lot easier to farm. Mining is a big job because their is a lot of coal, iron, copper, and lead in the Southwest region. There are a lot of science jobs because their are a lot of things that have to do with engineering.

Things that they make in the southwest region are televisions, airplanes, spacecrafts, tables, chairs, and desks. They make a lot of televisions, airplanes, and spacecrafts are because they have a lot of copper and other metals. Also there are a lot of engineering jobs.
They make a lot of table, chairs, and desks in this region because they have a lot of wood.

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Arts and recreation and tourist attractions

There are many things to do in the southwest. One very popular place to visit is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon features the wonderful rocks wore down by the Colorado river, which is still there today. Over 270 miles and up to 1 mile deep other national parks are the Zion national park as well as the Bryce Canyon national park. Also museums are popular as well. One museum which showcases cactus gardens, cat canyon, animals and deserts. Some of the tourist attractions are the Grand Canyon. We had the Grand Canyon national park. It is a famous national park that most people visit when they come to our region.
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In the southwest, people grow a lot of stuff since they never have a cold season. One thing they like to grow are chiles. Their chiles are like very hot peppers like a jalapeño. This region grows a lot of fruits and vegetables. If you look at the button you can see a whole list of the crops they grow.

Natural resources

The natural resources of Arizona,Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas (The Southwest region). Arizona’s natural resources are coal, sand, gravel, copper, cotton, gold, lettuce, citrus,
and melon. New Mexico’s natural resources are oil,natural gas, copper, gold, silver, lead, coal, beef, milk, and hay. The natural resources that Oklahoma has are oil, coal, and petroleum. Petrolatum is a rock like liquid substance that can be used for gasoline. Texas’s natural resources are oil, cattle, sheep, hay, goats, cotton, poultry, eggs, milk, wheat, rice, peanuts, salt, and natural gas.
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Interesting facts

We found some interesting info on our states. For example, Arizona has the first parking meter ever made. Back then they had to pay a nickel every hour and had to pay if they were overdue just as today. Secondly, Texas holds NASA. Apollo 11 launched on July 16, 1969 and the people who were on it were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Lastly, Arizona has the most telescopes in the world. According to "go astronomy .com "they have over 30 observatories.


Jonas Norwood, Jace Derosia, Anna Hermisillo, Erin Dusenberry.

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