Thursday Brief

March 4

SBDM Meeting

Thank you very much for all your feedback from the SBDM tasks! I appreciate it!


Please send me your nominations with a brief explaining of why you are nominating them. Due by Tuesday after Spring Break.

LAST CALL-Tshirt orders

If you want a child abuse awareness shirt please let me know. I am turning in shirt order.

Also, we are ordering $7 Autism Awareness Shirts with Flour Bluff Elementary on sleeve. Email me size if you want one.


I will have yearbook deadline the week we return from Spring Break. That week you will have to verify your classroom pictures. Also, very important!!!!!

EACH POD will have two pages for pictures. I will email a link SPECIFICALLY for those two pages only. 4 classes will share this page (POD). UPLOAD ONLY PICTURES FOR THOSE TWO PAGES ON THAT LINK! Those are the only pictures I will put. Please make sure to represent ALL the students.


Each class needs to upload a class picture from fun run to this link or email me a picture.


This link is for "TEXAS HISTORY" this is for the pictures from Historical Figures Parade and Goliad. ONLY UPLOAD A FEW GOOD PICTURES!!!! I will not have time to sort through a bunch of pictures.

From Hoover

Interim assessments have begun. They must be completed by March 31st.

Make sure you have gone over testing accommodations (whether or not you want them) for ESL students asap.

All writing benchmarks have been scanned.

Modules need to be completed before Spring Break

Big picture

Positivity Project Week 26: LOVE OF LEARNING

This will be the week we return from Spring Break. I will email separately.

Weekly Calendar

ThursdayMarch5Report Cards

FridayMarch6Historical Figure Parade

FridayMarch6Rochellea HarrisBirthday

SundayMarch8Sharon BrowningBirthday

Monday-FridayMarch9-13Spring Break

FridayMarch13Martha McColskeyBirthday

Sunday-SaturdayMarch15-21Love of LearningP2

Monday-FridayMarch16-20Goliad Field Trips

ThursdayMarch19Nurse Cheryl's Baby Shower

FridayMarch20Down Syndrome Awareness


TuesdayMarch24Math Mock

WednesdayMarch25Reading Mock

WednesdayMarch25School Nutrition Day

Article on Traps to Avoid with Extreme Behaviors