Coretta Scott King

World peace for everyone

Her Life

Coretta Scott King was the third out of four children to be born.She was more of a tomboy because she would climb trees and wrestle boys.Her siblings, including Coretta, attended a one room elementary school that was 5 miles away(8 km) away from their home.Her mother told her to act more lady like once she got older.In her time,rights for white and black weren't equal.Her family was threatened.She died in 2004.


She graduated elementary school in 1945.Martin and Coretta had won their first major victory.Her mission brought her to do many things after her husbands death.She brought world peace.Just because of your skin or where your from is different doesn't mean you shouldn't have rights,and Coretta made that possible.

Interesting Facts

Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King Jr. were married on the lawn of Coretta's mother.She is a talented singer.She met president Kennedy.In 1968,her husband died. She is still famous today and forever.

Personal Impression

Coretta Scott King is honest and loving because she promised not to use violence after her husbands death when continuing his dream,and I think she is loving sh continued her husbands dream.I think she got many awards because she wanted everyone to have rights and also wanted peace and that is what she did to earn awards.Getting to school must have been a challenge because it was 5 miles away so I think she is ambitious.