Library Lesson for Grades 3 and 4

Treasure Island

Lesson Objectives

The students will watch a video about drawing a treasure map. Then they will draw a map of their own.

Mrs. Lunsford's virtual e-mail hours for help on this assignment are Tuesday, May 17, from 4:00--6:00 and Friday, May 20, from 2:45--4:45 pm.


30 minutes


Hello, boys and girls! You are listening to Mrs. Lunsford. Since we have been reading Treasure Island together in class, your library lesson will involve drawing a treasure map!


In the story, Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins finds Captain Flint's treasure map in Billy Bones's sea chest. Jim and his adult friends decide they are going to sail to Treasure Island to look for the treasure. A good treasure map marks where the treasure is buried, but there are also other landmarks shown on the map to help in locating the exact burial place. You are going to watch a video about drawing a treasure map. Then you are going to draw a treasure map of your own. You will get use your own ideas to name the landmarks and decide where your treasure is going to be buried.


1) Watch the video about drawing a treasure map.

2) Think about how you want your treasure map to look.

3) Draw your map. You may use the page that is in the packet your teacher gave you, or

you may use your own paper to draw on. Some ideas I have seen even use a brown

paper bag to draw the map on. You do not have to include a fancy border on your map like the one shown in the video. You do need to include five landmarks that will help show the position of the treasure, such as a creek, mountains, trees, large rocks, etc. You also need to mark where the treasure is and instructions for finding it.

4) Turn your map in to Mrs. Lunsford.

How to Draw a Treasure Map


You will turn your map in to Mrs. Lunsford, and when your class comes to the library, you will be able to share and talk about your map with the other students in your class. This will show that you have completed the assignment.