Water Pollution in Rio

By: Breckyn Rucker

Water For Life

(This Photograph shows Drought Around the World. USA is the highest around the world at 156 percent. Mali is the lowest at 3 percent.)

The water shortage for the U. S. is a very overlooked subject. Water in the U.S is being wasted on a daily basis. With the raise of the population and the demand for water raising people are now knowing that we do not have a lot of freshwater left on earth. People in other counties do not have running water for a bathroom so people are relieving themselves directly into water supply's and then people are drinking the water and getting diseases. And with global warming happening it causing big storms to happen. People need to realize that we need to take our water very seriously and not take our freshwater and we don't know how much longer we will have the freshwater on earth.

Rio's Dirty Water

Rio is literally living in there own filth. There is thousands of raw sewage being dumped into the ocean of Rio. Rio dumps on average about 70 percent of there raw sewage into near by oceans. Rio has exceed there allowed percentage of sewage being dumped into the ocean. Rio's dirty water is not only not safe to drink it also is a horrible site to look at.

Olympics Being Threatened. Potential Effects of the Problem

(This Photograph is boats in the water of Rio the water there you can't even see the bottom of and how are people going to take boats on that of the Olympics because its not safe and they can't see whats in the water.)

Rio is going to hold the 2016 summer olympics. The dirty water is making people not want to attend the Olympics in Rio. It is not just only the people going to watch the Olympics some teams have worried that there teams that have to go into the water are going to get sick because there is water born diseases living in the water. The number of people want to go to the Olympics has dropped because of the dirty water and them not wanting to see all of the nasty stuff in the water. A official from the Olympics has said that people are just going to have to deal with the unclean site and water if they pick to go to the Olympics in Rio in 2016.

Cleaning the Water. Possible Solution

Rio's dirty water is hard to fix. Cleaning the water is not a easy thing to do because of all of the sewage in the water they need to stop dumping there sewage into the water. Others have said that there is a alcohol treatment would clean the water but would be very hard and cost a lot of money. They need to get a control on the water pollution because Rio is a very pretty place and it will be very pretty for the Olympics.
Biologist shows pollution of Rio waters ahead of Olympics