Techno Spectro Musical Baton

And The Beat Goes On...

The Techno Spectro Musical Baton is not your ordinary baton! This baton is for EVERYONE! All ages and genders can enjoy this toy due to its many features! Download and play your tunes while twirling your heart away! LED light show that flashes to the beat.

Can be used inside and outside. Awesome exercise that improves fine motor skills and provides therapeutic relief for older adults. College students, baton students, high school students, and kids can use it in any venue. Entertain pets for hours! Place beside your infant's crib to lull them to sleep with a soothing light show with lullabies.

Made of durable carbon fiber. Music chip is embedded in the carbon fiber tube. Charges through kinetic energy as you twirl or use the magnetic strip charger.

Comes in different shapes and sizes. Design your own! Prices start at $49.99.

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