Happy Friday, Lil Steamer Families!

September 30, 2022

From the desk of: Principal Hoese

Lil Steamer Families –

A little over a week ago, our school had some graffiti throughout our school that read “The Captains are Coming!” We asked our students if they had any information, knew of any clues, or had any theories on who it could be, but we reached a dead end with every tip.

Last night, however, this graffiti artist struck our school again. I also received an anonymous letter under the office door that read as follows:

Dear FES:

The Greatest Little Elementary School in the Universe is what you claim to be,

But there is so much happening that you cannot see!

“The Captains are Coming!”... that much is true,

And much more in store for everyone one of you!

Clues are everywhere, hidden in plain sight,

Can you see them? What a colorful delight!

We will reveal ourselves in due time,

But do you think you can solve this graffiti crime?

Good luck!

The Captains

I have shared some photos of the graffiti and the anonymous letter. In addition, I’ve also shared the numerous theories that our students have had in trying to determine who The Captains are.

Fear not, #SteamerNation, I’m confident our Lil Steamers will be able to solve this puzzle and what it means. These Captains are surely no match for our the Greatest Little Elementary School in the Universe!

Happy Homecoming!


Student Theories Regarding Mysterious Graffiti

  • A fan favorite was the 4th graders because they were learning about graffiti in ART!
  • They also believe it could be Mr. Hoese because like in Scooby-Doo the person who brings attention to it is usually the culprit.
  • Joe Biden (the captain of America) is coming!!!
  • Ours is written in pink. Mr. Hoese is wearing a pink shirt today so it must be him. But he probably can't make good bubble letters like that so maybe it's actually Mrs. Long.
  • Mr. Dail because he always does things like this - they said they remember from kindergarten.
  • Mrs. Whitney because they say I am trying to act like I don't know when it was actually me.
  • Someone in this building is a spy for them. Someone is letting them in at night! Or they have to be really small, like gnomes, to crawl under all the doors.
  • Maybe they'll throw a party for us because we are a really good school!
  • Mrs. Spencer doesn't write like that. Maybe it was Mrs. Long. And she has ultimate access to the school. And she has been acting a little weird.
  • Mr. Dail has been acting suspicious. He said we are a lucky class. Mr. Dail has the technology and the POWER to do these things!
  • It's on a schedule. Every 3 days!
  • It's color coordinated!
  • IT'S DEFINITELY MS. LONG AND MR. DAIL - they would be a good team because she can do the art and he can shut down the technology system!
  • What if those symbols mean something??????
  • My mom will know because she is friends with Mrs. Long. She's probably in on it too!
  • I'm related to Mr. Dail through my aunt because she married someone he's married to so maybe they are working together because we are technically related. And Stacey has to be in on it too because she is Mr. Dail's mom.
  • It has to be Mr. Hoese he is the captain of the school.
  • The symbols are water, an anchor, a bridge and wheel all thing that go with the steamer boat. I think it's the captains of the steamer sports.
  • Gross..the clues are in the bathroom whoever did it picked a dirty place to write it.
  • Whoever did this is going to be in big trouble when they are caught.
  • I hope the cheerleaders did it!
  • SRO Leitzen because we saw him have a pink and purple marker in his pocket the other day.
  • The captains of the Steamers
  • The captain will be at the parade today
  • Mrs. Long because she is a good artist
  • Mr. Dail because he is sneaky
  • Mr. Hoese because he is doing everything.
  • One of my students thinks the symbols mean that they are going to lead to some sort of opening. Meaning that we need to figure out the clues so that we can keep the captains from coming! Very ominous!!
  • The rest of the class thinks it is the football captains and they are also ALL responsible for TPing the schools and everyone's houses in my class. Those darn captains sure are naughty.

The investigation continues...

From the desk of: School Counselor Mrs. Meumann

The SEL theme for today on announcements was Feel Good Friday. Students were reminded that all of the teachers and staff at FES want to help them to be their best. Students were asked to repeat “I am supported” to themselves 3 times. Remind your children that they are also supported at home and that they should talk to you anytime something is bothering them.

Band and Chorus

D&M Embroidery has graciously put together a webstore with apparel boasting the FES Band and Chorus! Check out all the design choices! A percentage of all sales will benefit River Bend Music Boosters.

Music Festival Opportunity (for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders)!

Every year, the Illinois Music Education Association hosts an Elementary General Music (EGM) Festival for students in 4th, 5th and 6th grades. This year's festival is Saturday, November 5th.

Students can choose which type of music they would like to learn about and participate in. Students who are interested should return the permission slip and $10 (checks made out to FES) by Wednesday, Oct 5th.

KB Roots for the Steamer Golf Team

KB students made goodie bags for the Steamer Golf team as a treat for Regionals. Steamers earned first place at Regionals!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!! On Friday, KB students signed posters for upcoming Sectionals on Monday!!!! Go Steamer Golf!!!

Bootcamp and rainbows in KC

This week we finished our ABC bootcamp!

We also did an experiment with Skittles. Do you think cold and hot water have the same effect on them?

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Big picture
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Big picture

3rd Grade Says...

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Big picture
Big picture

The Captains Are Coming!

It has become very apparent to students that something special is to come at FES. But what could it be? Clues, clues, and more clues 🔍

3B Friction Lab

Students in Ms. Meinsma's classroom were posed with a question/problem of which material when lined on the track would create the least amount of friction for a toy car when going down a ramp. Students made a hypothesis and recorded the results. Winning material: aluminum foil.

Building Bridges in 3C!

Our class was excited to learn about real-life bridge design in our recent Science unit. In our hands-on activity, Paper Bridge Engineering, students used their knowledge of forces to build a strong bridge that supports as many pennies as possible -- using only paper. Lots of trial and error, but we had a blast! Check out our Golden Gate Bridge puzzle that we worked together to complete!

Fourth Grade Conservation Day

Our 4th Graders had the opportunity to learn about topics connected to the annual Conservation Day. This is held each year at the Palisades State Park in Savanna. Some of the highlights this year was learning about the Water Cycle, Birds of Prey, Water Fowl DNR Wildlife Education, and Dairy.

4th Grade Continues to Make Progress on the AR Wall of Fame

4th Grade has changed up their AR program this year. We are rewarding students for their progress in the AR point program. The students earn a variety of prizes as they move along our Wall of Fame from a piece of candy at 5 points, a prepackaged treat at 10 points, a juice pouch at 15 points, lunch with a friend in the classroom for 20 points, a popcorn packet at 25, a prize box item at 50 points, lunch with a 4th grade teacher of choice at 75 points and lunch with Mr. Hoese at 100 points. We have several students that have made it to the wall or moved on the wall.

5 Point Club: Driton D., Drew O., Aidden B., Jonah F., Makenna D., Raegan E., Mallory C., Ainslee T., Hanna S., Elizabeth R., Daly F., Brayden S., Bentley T., Mason S., Emarie D., Logan F., Olivia W., Layton C., Kase W. and Bethany H.

10 Point Club: Orion H., Charles V., Carter W., Norah G., Brailynn R., Paisley K., Kolton B., Ella R., and Sophia O.

15 Point Club: Waylon E., Oliver F., Lukas S., and Landon E.

20 Point Club: Briella M., Harper W., Owen C., Jacob H., and Ethan T.

25 Point Club: Lilianna M., Skylar H., Blake G.

100 Point Club: Tyler H.

We hope you keep encouraging your children to read as practice makes us all better readers.

5th Grade Team Building

On Wednesday the 5th grade team held meetings to review our social contract. The students participated in great discussions about what it means to communicate, follow the golden rule, and what it means to have integrity. The ambassadors and junior ambassadors also met to review their ambassador contract and duties. We then went outside where we participated in a team building event. Students had to get the hula hoop around the circle without breaking the circle. After our activity, we reflected on how this supports our social contract and how teamwork makes the dream work! We even threw in a little bit of time for students to get comfortable and read outside.

Physical Education K-5th Grade

You must have tennis/pe shoes for class in order to participate. No Hey Dudes, sandals, boots, slippers, etc...

Please check your recycling!

The third grade team is in need of several empty, clear or translucent, plastic one liter bottles with lids for upcoming math lessons. This is a common size of large bottled water, such as Smartwater. If you have any clean and empty one liter bottles please send them to our third grade team. Thanks in advance!

Fulton Fall Fest on Saturday, October!

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FES to Host Flu Clinic on Friday, October 7

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FES Has Talent is Saturday, October 8

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Teddy Bear Tuesdays at Schmaling Memorial Public Library

Big picture

Lunch and Breakfast Menus

Big picture
Big picture

Upcoming Important Dates

#SteamerNation Friday!

Friday, Oct. 7th, 8am

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

FES Has Talent (PTO Fundraiser Event)

Saturday, Oct. 8th, 2pm

1207 12th Street

Fulton, IL

PTO fundraiser event to be held at FHS west gymnasium.