Mark Seliger

Kurt Cobain

What was the photographers thought process?

Seliger is a photographer that likes little to no expression on the face of the people he is photographing. When there was expression on the people's faces they looked very natural.

Why is this photo famous?

This photo is famous because it was on the cover of the Rolling Stones. The Rolling stones used this photo on the 15th anniversary Cobain's death.

Where was this photo taken?

This photo was taken in Kalamazoo on Oct. 27, 1993 in Park Trades Center studio.

What is the story behind this photo?

Seliger was in Kalamazoo taking photos of Nirvana for the cover of the Rolling Stones. Cobain had his daughter on the photo shoot because Courtney Love was recording an album. So out of the 400 shots taken Cobain's daughter was in about 40 of the shots.

Do I like this photo?

Yes I like this photo. I really like how it captures his facial structure.

What makes this portrait unique?

This photo is unique because of the context in which it is used in. It was used on the cover on the Rolling Stones for the 15 year anniversary of Cobain's death

Would I change anything?

No I would not change anything.

Did he successfully capture the person's personality?

Yes and no. Kurt Cobain was a very nice and friendly person, he did have a drug problem but most of the time he seemed like a very happy guy. What Seliger captured was more of the inside of Cobain, his sad tormented side. Cobain ended his life when he was under the influence of drugs. Was he a bad guy? no, but he was a sad soul.