Biology Newsletter


End of the 1st Semester

The clock is ticking! The end of the first semester is quickly approaching. Please check Focus to ensure your student is where he/she needs to be in order to earn credit for this semester. We only have 2 weeks left to bring those grades up!

Quarterly Exam

With the end of the 2nd 9 weeks comes the next quarterly exam. The exam is scheduled for Friday, December 11th. Topics on the exam will include:

-Cell Transport and Homeostasis

-DNA Structure and Function

-Cell cycle and mitosis

-Meiosis and Genetics

Study guides and powerpoint notes can be found on Google Classroom. I am also attaching a link to this information below. Please utilize these resources when studying for this exam!

What we've been doing...

Semester Exams

Semester exams are coming up the week before winter break (Dec 14-18). I have attached the exam schedule below. STUDY STUDY STUDY!