Do What You Love


This picture is a reference to the movie Free Willy.

This is important to me because I don't believe that and 12,500 pound animal should be held in captivity for the entertainment of people.

Career Possibilities

Marine Biologist: The study of organisms in the ocean or other bodies of water.

Education: Bachelors or Masters degree in biology.

Salary: $30,709-$100,481

Work Conditions: In a lab or in the actual water.

I might choose this job because I love animals, but i don't love science

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Stand by me

This is a picture of my favorite movie.

This movie is interesting to me because I have been watching this movie since I was a little kid. It also has one of my favorite actors in it, River Phoenix.

Job Opportunities

Film Critic: The analysis and evaluation of films.

Education: Bachelors degree in Film Studies.

Salary: $82,000

Work Conditions: In doors, formal meetings, and writing in front of a computer.

I would choose this job because I love movies.

Actress: Someone who plays a character in a film, play, show, or radio.

Education: None required.

Salary: $94,000-$320,500

Work Conditions: Where ever the movie you are in takes place.

I would not choose this job because I do not like being in front of the camera.

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This is a picture of a Great White shark, which is my favorite kind.

I have had an interest in sharks ever since I was little.

Job Opportunities

Shark Biologist: A person who studies the anatomy of sharks.

Education: Masters degree in Marine Biology

Salary: $200,000-$300,000

Work Conditions: A lab. Sometimes in the ocean.

I would choose this job because it is something that I am passionate about it.

Underwater Photographer: Someone who captures photos of wildlife underwater.

Education: Scuba training and a Photography degree.

Salary: $32,630-$56,400

Work Conditions: Underwater

I would not choose this job because I fell that I would be too scared to be underwater all the time.

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I play guitar because I love making music.

A lot of my inspirations are musicians and they motivate me to play guitar

Job Opportunities

Musician: A person who composes music through instrument.

Education: No education requirements, but it can help to take a music class in college.

Salary: $20,000-$1,000,000

Work conditions: Anywhere you prefer to write music, recording studio, and concerts.

I would not choose this job because there is a high chance of me not getting recognized and not having money.

Music Teacher: Teaching people about and how to learn an instrument.

Education: Master or Bachelors degree in music

Salary: $73,340

Work Conditions: A classroom.

I would not choose this job because I do not want to be any kind of teacher.

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I love to read.

I love reading because it makes me feel as if I'm in a whole other world

Job Opportunities

Writer: person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular occupation.

Education: There are no requirements, but it is better to have some sort of a degree in writing.


Work Conditions: Some travel for inspiration, but you can work anywhere you can write.

I would choose this job because I like to be creative and I love books.

Librarian: person who works professionally in a library.

Education: You can get a degree in Librarianship.

Salary: $43,690-$69,260

Work Conditions: Casual in a library.

I would not choose this job because it does not pay well and I have no interest in it.

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Alex Wolff

This person has been my favorite artist since I was five years old.

His band inspired me to start playing guitar in the first place.

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I like blankets because they are soft and cozy.

I hate being cold, so I think that blankets are important because they keep me warm.

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Ice Cream

I have been going the Big Dipper Ice Cream shop since I was a kid.

It is located in Montana and that is a special place to me.

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Mia is my best friend and I chose her to be in this because she inspires me to become a better person. She is full of knowledge and she is always teaching me something.
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This is my little sister, Isla. I watch Isla everyday. I play with her, cook for her, and teach her. She is very fun to be around.

Job Opportunities

Daycare Teacher: Someone who watches children when there parents are unable to.

Education: High School Diploma

Salary: $19,600-$27,570

Work Conditions: Inside and outside and loud.

I would not choose this job because I would like to get paid more.

Pediatrician: A branch of medicine that deals with care of children from infant to 18.

Education: Medical school

Salary: $155,000

Work Conditions: Formal, may be loud, and often rushed.

I would choose this job because I like to take care of people and it pays well.

Career Possibilities

Elementary School Teacher: Someone who prepares young children for future school by teaching them basic subjects.

Education: Bachelors degree


Work Conditions: In doors and semi casual.

I would not choose this job because i do not want to become a teacher.

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I enjoy making little video edits.

It's a fun way to pass the time and I like to make projects for myself.

Career Possibilities

Filmmaker: Creating a story, scripting, casting, or editing a film.

Education: No requirements.

Salary: $115,920

Work Conditions: Depends on film.

I would choose this job because it sounds challenging and fun.

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I like to know what the laws are.

I often get in to debates with people and I always like to know the facts, and of course, win.

Job Opportunities

Judge: People who apply the law to court cases and oversee the legal process.

Education: Law School

Salary: $196,300-$223,500

Work Conditions: Formal, Court rooms.

I would not choose this job because there are a lot of steps to becoming a judge and im not that dedicated.

Career Possibilities

Lawyer: Someone who acts or defends on a legal matter.

Education: Three years of Law school.

Salary: $130,490

Work conditions: Formal, Court Rooms.

I would choose this job because I like to help people and it pays well.

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