Knightly News

Week of September 20th

Immunizations and Health Assessments

Please ensure your child can be in attendance. All immunizations must be in or they will be suspended from school after 9/23 as the 30 calendar days would have ended if the student enrolled on day 1.

The fax number for Southern Guilford Middle is 336-674-4278. Please ensure your child's name is located on the document you fax so that we can enter for the correct child.

Proof of immunizations and the Health Assessment Transmittal form must be provided to your child’s school within 30 calendar days of attendance to avoid suspension.

Immunization requirements attached below


As shared in previous communications we are creating a culture of Excellence centered around the core values noted below. We have had some students who are choosing not to adhere to these standards and we are working to teach and model each and everyday. Please speak with your son or daughter about respecting school property and not being a part of any challenges that social media may encourage. Also, please ensure that they are committed to learn by being in school each day by 8:20 am and staying in school until dismissal at 3:20 pm. Absences due to sickness are understandable and appreciated to keep us safe and healthy but late arrival or early dismissal is disruptive to the student and the class.

E-Epitomize integrity

X-eXpress Respect

C-Commit to Learn

E-Exercise responsibility

L-Lead with Courage

Dressed for Success

As we travel on the Road of Success in the Culture of Excellence of Southern Guilford Middle we want to ensure our students continue to showcase their best in dress and character. Please review the dress code expectations with your son or daughter outlined in the student agenda.

Here are a few highlights that need special attention and review

Please note that we work to ensure all students are following expectations and if not they are asked to call for a change of clothes or will need to wear clothes from our closet if clothes cannot be brought. Please reach out if you have specific questions.


* Shoulders, backs, stomachs and cleavage will be covered

* No Halter/Tube tops/jCrop tops (even with a sweater or jacket)

* Undergarments should not be visible

* Lace or Sheer shirts must be layered with shirts that adhere to the rules stated above

* Light weight jacket may be worn, but with appropriate top


* No Sagging

* No holes or tears above the knee

* No pajama bottoms / lounge wear / sweatpants

* Leggings, jeggings or tights may be worn, IF the skirt, dress or shirt is long enough to cover the bottom area AND extends at least to finger-tip length

* No words or images across the seat of the pants

* Shorts (at least to finger-tip length)--NO BIKER SHORTS

* Skirts/Dresses (Not shorter than 5 inches above the knee)


Come support our SGMS Knights! Fans are welcome. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students. All indoor events require masking and social distancing.

Volleyball -

September 20th 5:00 pm vs Allen Jay Prep at Allen Jay Prep

September 23rd 5:00 pm vs Penn Griffin at SGMS


September 22nd 5:00 pm vs Swann at Page HS

Health and Safety Updates

As we continue to keep our SGMS community SAFE and STRONG, please make sure your student stays home if they are not feeling well and be sure to notify the school of the absence. We are also encouraging all students to bring a water bottle that can be filled up at one of our water stations through out the building. We will not be giving out cups to students moving forward to have in the classroom as that creates a chance for spread and also creates opportunities for mess if the cup is knocked off the desk. If water is needed and the child does not have a water bottle we will have them drink water from a cup in a specified office and throw away before leaving back to class. If you need assistance in getting your child a water bottle please reach out to the office.

If your child is experiencing any Covid like symptoms and are tested please reach out and let us know. We want to ensure all students are able to access assignments and we continue to promote good health.

If your child is experiencing any Covid like symptoms and is sent home from school they must:

1) Have a negative covid test result and can return or

2) Have a positive test result and isolates for 7 days if vaccinated or 10 days if unvaccinated or

3) Have an alternative diagnosis from a doctor before returning to school.

When in doubt please ask.

Title 1 Family Night Save the Date

Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 5:30-7pm


Families may enter for our Family Night through the front entrance between 5:30 and 6:45 pm.

Families will report to the entrance of the grade level hallway for their student. At the entrance staff will be stationed to get you signed in and to receive Title 1 information for SGMS as well as to receive a passport. The passport will contain questions.

The answers to these questions will be found on the grade level hallway at content area tables for the Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies teachers and around the Pit for any encore class your child attends.

  • Please go to each class/content table to find the answer to the question and please pick up your childs interim from the home room teacher.
  • The homeroom teacher will be located at the content area table for the subject they teach.
  • Once you have answered all questions for the classes your child attends please bring the completed passport to the front hallway to pick up a ChickFila meal for each of the family members that are in attendance.
  • This is a first come first serve meal opportunity for those in attendance. Quantity is limited so please come early to take advantage of a free meal.

The event will end at 7:00 pm so it is important to arrive no later than 6:45 to be able to answer the questions, pick up materials and food before the end of the evening.

Let's come out and show support of our SGMS teachers and students for all the hard work that has been put in so far this quarter.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.