Public Speaking and Presenting

by: Mickalyn Babcock

Speaking at your Best

When you are speaking there are some very important things to remember. You want to remember P.V.L.E.G.S.

First, you want to be able to have good Poise. Poise is when you are clam and confident. Don't be scared or it will bring down your grade. Stay cool and don't be nervous What is the worst that is going to happen?

Then, you want to have good Voice. Voice is when you are not to to loud but also not to soft. If you are not loud enough then people are not going to hear you. The if you are to loud people are not going to want to listen to you.

After that, you need to have Life in your speaking. When you have life it means that you have great feeling in what you are saying. You wan to talk with expression and excitement.

Then, you want to have good Eye Contact. When you have eye contact you are looking at your audience and not at your note cards the whole time. Then you will be better in control of you presentation.

Also, you need to have good hand Gestures. When you have gesture you are moving around and not standing there with out moving. You don't want to have to many of the gestures up you wan to put them in the right place and do just enough of them.

Finally, you want to have great Speed. When there is speed you are at a good pace and you wan to be fast at exiting points and kind of drag it out for more emphasis.

Remember all of these things and then your pretension will be the best of the best!!