A Fresh Look

The Archives War

The War

Breaking news!! We have a new kind of war. It’s called a civil war. A civil war is when we are fighting with ourselves. This civil war is between the President and his people, and the citizens of Austin. This war has just now ended, but don’t you want to hear how it started? This all started when Mexican leaders started to send raids into parts of Texas. A General Rafael Vasquez’s soldiers attacked San Antonio first, then Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. Our President thought they would try raiding Austin, so he ordered that the government archives (records) to be moved from the capitol. The citizens of Austin thought that this move would result in the capitol being moved to Houston again. These residents were just taking a stand. This group is led by Angelina Eberly was firing a cannon at the officials sent to take the records.

Ms. Eberly's interview

We requested an interview with Ms. Eberly during the war, and she accepted. Now for the interview…

“Ms. Eberly, how do you feel about having the records moved?”

“We don’t want the records moved! We have a right to speak how we feel about this!!”

“Why don’t you want the move to happen?”

“The city of Houston doesn’t deserve to be capitol!! Austin does!! We will fight until we win!!”

“Thank you for speaking to me, Ms. Eberly.”

“Thank you, Ms. Jessica.”

President Houstons interview

Now we have an interview on how Mr. President felt about this problem…

“Mr. President, how do you feel about what Ms. Eberly is doing?”

“I am disappointed that the citizens of Austin and Ms. Eberly don’t trust me to do what’s best for Texas.”

“What will you do about this problem?”

“We want to remove the records from Austin, so they will be safe from the Mexicans. Then we plan on putting the records back in Austin.”

“Alright, thank you, Mr. President.”

“Thank you, Ms. Jessica.”