Dress Code Regulations

Dress like a lady to be treated like one

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The image you project is so important. It matters so much to you as a woman (Ellis).

Students, new and refined dress code has been made. Please, especially the female students (Lehrer), take note of the guidelines for what is appropriate clothing to wear at school. These rules are effective immediately and failure to follow them will result in being asked to change, being sent home, ISS, or detention. Also, a newer policy to ensure the rules will be followed includes being forced to wear sweatpants and neon yellow t-shirt, both with "DRESS CODE VIOLATION" written on them (Kutner). Continuing to fail to follow the rules will result in harsher punishments. Also, school staff will be doing random checks to girls as they arrive to school. This check point will require the girl's to line up against a wall as they arrive, and any in violation of the dress code will be sent home (Carroll).

Ladies, let's leave some things to the imagination (Ellis).

Rule #1: Yoga pants, leggings and/or tight jeans must be appropriately covered by other clothing. Administration has noticed the newest trend of tightly fitting pants and sees these as a distraction to students. (Ellis) Please cover your legs appropriately for a school setting. Any pants made of see through material are strictly prohibited. (Ellis)

Cover up!

Rule #2: Hemlines should go no higher than mid-thigh when seated. (Carroll)

No midriff or shoulders, please!

Rule #3: No crop tops or tank tops (Carroll). Administration understands these tops are a trend, but leave them at home. Even if it is the hottest day of the year, these infractions will result in punishment (Carroll).

No exceptions!

Rule #4: All rules apply to every school setting, including school dances/ school events (Carroll). Failure to follow the dress code rules at any school event will result in either changing into appropriate clothes or being forced to leave the event (Carroll.)

When in doubt.....

Some of you may be wondering "What can I wear to school?" If anything you wear ever seems questionable, leave it at home. When in doubt, sweat pants and t-shirts are always allowed and are definitely appropriate options for school (Kutner).

Remember: these rules are made for your protection (Carroll).

These rules will be enforced to ensure that the only thing being focused on is schoolwork (Kutner). We want the best for our students.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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