Digital Curricula

Making Learning Interactive for our 21st Cenutry Learners

My Take Aways

Having a Digital Frameworks is an ever-changing resource book.
Some schools have a wiki with their counties updated frameworks for each subject. Within each subject is individual standards that have attached resources such as websites, interactive activities, videos and so much more. Having resources linked to a framework allows teachers to teach at highest level with aligned engaging limitless resources.

Be mindful that people are in different places.
Digital Curriculum is very different from using a textbook but yet very similar. Educators need to keep in mind that all students are still learning at different levels and that resources still need to accommodate this learning level.

Brings the creativity back into teaching
By bringing technology into the classroom it allows a world of options in learning. Teachers are now enjoying their lesson planning and the implementation of standards into the classroom. It allows teachers to go above and beyond the typically learning textbook and bring fun into their classroom.

Allows you to take learning to the next level
When you have students using technology they are engaged in the learning process. They are 21st century learners who are applying knowledge, critically thinking and sharing information to become a lifelong learner.

Reflection and Thoughts

I was very excitied when choosing this webinar, as I feel digital curriculm is what our classroom needs in order to meet today's 21st century leaner. The school I am currently at has adopted BYOD this year and technology in the classroom has always been a topic that I enjoy. The narrator of the webinar was very informative. She set up the webinar with a engaging description of what to expect, who would be speaking, and what to do if technical difficulties occurred.
During the webinar we heard from 3 individual speakers all of which who have previously taught and still work in the education field today. The all discussed the benefits of the use of digital curriculum in their school systems. I enjoy how they noted the pros and the cons of using DC in the classroom, with the cons being very few. I like that they all showed data facts of how using DC has increased test schools in the county and compared it to previous years.
One thing I was unhappy about is how boring the speakers voices were, they were dry and uninteresting. I feel if it wasn't for the content I would have stopped the video 6 minutes in. Another thing that made the webinar difficult to watch was the lag in the slides versus the audio. At some points during the video the speakers would be speaking about a slide that had not even appeared yet, which for some can make it hard to follow.
Overall, I feel the webinar was very informative and used a lot of data to show just how digital curriculum in the classroom can benefit today's students. I agree that this is today's way of educating and learning.

Additional Resources

Digital Curriculum & Tools for the 21st Century
This video introduces you to today's new digital resource, known as Expert Space. It takes you are a engaging tutorial of the resources illustrating and defining how it creates life long learners by meeting the needs of our students today through organized curriculum based videos, texts, and assessments.

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning is a blog created by formed educator and researcher Michael Gorman. His blog is designed around technology in the classrooms today. This particular blog post, Eight Amazing Free Digital Curriculum Resources, provides you links to his top 8 FREE digital resources in the classroom. He has provided detailed annotations for all the resources allowing you to know just what the resources does and its benefits. Within his annotations he has also provided specific links like KHAN Academy's Common Core page or CK12's Interactive Algebra books.

How are schools transforming as education becomes more digital?
This video introduces a resource known as Curriculum Loft. This a is a resource that has allowed one individual school to bring technology into the classroom and utilize digital curriculum. Various teachers and technology specialist speak on behalf of the organizing curriculum based resource that meets the needs of students today. Using Curriculum Loft to them is changing the experience for their learners today.