In with Mother Nature!!!

Temperate Hardwood Forests

Who would know about the wilderness in the ecosystem

Do you know the meaning of the word substrate? It is Soils generally contain more organic matter and moisture than adjacent, well-drained sandy soils.This means if you compared dirt to sand. Which is more substrate? The dirt is of course, sand is so dry that's why you do not see a lot of plants on the beach when you go but dirt is very moisturizes that plants grow there everyday.


Abiotic things are non living things . Abiotic in my habitat would be trees,shrubs,flowering plants,ferns,mosses,lichens,fungi,mammals,birds,reptiles,insects,worms, and microbes,those are the aboitic things in the forest ecosystem.


ecosystem's factors by what role they play in the system, rather than by what particular species they are, known as functional classification. These functions relate to the movement of energy through an ecosystem, and trees along with other photosynthetic plants are the chief primary producers. This means that they convert the sun's energy into food energy, which is used by other members of the ecosystem; those include primary consumers, herbivores that eat the primary producers, secondary consumers, carnivores and omnivores that eat the primary producers, and decomposers, the scavengers, microbes and fungi that consume the droppings and the carcasses of other organisms.
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Apex praditor in the forest and it's names

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species name/ U. arctos