Analyzing Olivia

Olivia's Identity

Olivia sees herself as generous because of the way she treats Malvolio and how she asks people to treat him kindly as one of her servants. Also she is very persistent, even though Cesario tells her no women will ever have his heart, she is constantly pursuing him. She also had given him a picture of herself showing how constant she is going to be but also she says it can not annoy him because it can not speak. This shows that she knows she's annoying. Along with being persistent she is extremely impulsive, when it comes to Cesario she acts without thinking of the consequences. An example of her impulsivity "A ring in chase of you. So did I abuse myself, my servant, and I fear me, you" (III. i. 104-105).

Olivia's Gender

Olivia is a extremely wealthy woman and during this time she was held to very high standards. Not only was she a woman but an upper class woman, so she had even more pressure than people in the lower classes. As a woman she was not supposed to fight or be vulgar, she was supposed to find a wealthy, young lord to marry an example of this is the Duke Orsino. Although Orsino was what she was supposed to want, she did not and went for someone who looked younger than her, and less wealthy than her this seems to be out of the ordinary for this time. " I bade you never speak again of him. But, would you undertake another suit..." (III. i. 98-99). This shows that she doesn't even want to speak of the duke and only wants to talk about Cesario.

People's Perception of Olivia

It's obvious that people find her extremely beautiful, but at some points it seems that's all they see in her. At other times they only see the consequences from her impulsive decision. An example of this is when she thinks she's marrying Cesario but is actually marrying Sebastian, and this angers Orsino because he thinks its Cesario. At this point Orsino thinks she is heartless even though the audience knows she was acting out of love. Some others might view her as hypocritical because she was upset when Cesario kept denying her but she was doing the same thing to Orsino. An example of this is " I have said too much unto heart of stone and laid mine honor too unchary on't. There's something in me the reproves my fault, but such a head strong potent fault it is. That it but mocks reproof. With the same 'havior that your passion bears goes on my master's grief" (III. iv. 178-184).

Similarities and differences shared with Olivia

A similarity Olivia and I share is that sometimes we act out of impulse and do not think of the consequences that are near in the future. We also share that we demand respect and kindness presented to the people we care about. She wants people to be courteous to Malvolio because she cares about him and wants him to be treated fairly. We also share the quality of being generous, she give the fool tips often and I have no problem helping people do things or helping them solve a problem if I'm asked for help.

Although we have some similarities, we are also very different. She is pretty dramatic and I am not, most of the time. She is also very persistent when it comes to getting the person she wants, while I do not try as hard. While we are both impulsive, she is way more impulsive than I am, she married someone while only knowing them for a few days which I could never do. We share a large amount of both differences and similarities.

Identity- She's the Man

Olivia seems to be quite intelligent in the movie. In She's the Man she shows her intelligence by tricking Sebastian to going on a date with her and Duke just to make him jealous. Not only does this depict that she is smart but she is also determined to get what she wants. In the movie She's the Man, even though Sebastian says that she's not his type and has attempted to get her to date someone else she has eyes for him only. She has many qualities some are good and some are bad but in all she is a kind and caring person.

Gender- She's The Man

Olivia is part of the debutant organization. The debutants have to act prim and proper all the time, and Olivia does that most of the time but sometimes she has lapses. In She's the Man, Olivia gets into a fight with Monique over Sebastian in the bathroom of the Debutants lunch. this is frowned upon because they are supposed to act like ladies but are having a physical fight. She is also wanted by many of the male characters, and that's all they see in her; just her beauty. This may have an effect on the way she acts around certain people.

Perception- She's the Man

People's perception of Olivia are different from in the movie than in Twelfth Night. In Twelfth Night people knew she was sad but never acknowledged it, in the movie She's the Man Viola says how sad Olivia looks and explains that she knows hoe it feels. Along with being seen as unhappy, most of the male characters see her beauty but that's all they see. She knows she's not just beauty, so she uses this to advantage to use people and to get her way. Others would view this as her being sneaky but then there are some who would say this is just being smart.

Similarities and Differences- She's the Man

There aren't many thing Olivia and I share within similarities, we do share the trait of impulsivity. An example of when she was being impulsive is when she runs up to Sebastian and kisses him as he step out of a cab. I'm not that impulsive but we do share this quality.

We do share some differences, one of them is being dramatic. She is overly dramatic about a lot of things and this can be quite annoying. She does not do this to everything but most things, she makes them bigger than they need to be. Also she uses people, she uses Duke to go onto a date with Sebastian this isn't fair to Duke or Sebastian. This does play into her impulsivity but this has been taken a place too far.