World Languages Update

September 25, 2015

Leading With Data: September Classroom Visits

I have been spending time visiting many classrooms, especially Level 1.

Each month my goal is to share holistically what I am seeing district-wide using my WL Observational Tool, especially in Level 1 classrooms (where the new curriculum is).

Below are specific data pieces from 29 September classroom visits around 2 HLTPs (High Leverage Teaching Practices): Setting Instructional Outcomes (Specific I CANs) & Timely and Effective Feedback.

1. What conclusions can you draw from the data?

2. What are our areas of strength?

2. What can we focus on in October to improve?

Add your comments at the bottom of the newsletter.

Hint: Hover over each photo and click on the magnifying glass to enlarge the graph.

High Leverage Practice: Setting Instructional Outcomes

Some of the data I collect is reflecting on our high leverage practices: Specific Learner Outcomes (I CANs) and Feedback.

The World Languages Blog has current posts related to setting instructional outcomes, which is one of our high leverage practices. Check them out!

Want to take IPA Blended Course for 3 Credits?

Three (3) Viterbo credits are available for the new Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment blended course through Bb9!

The cost is $220/credit.

Please let me know if you intend to take for credit.

If you choose to audit, these credits will also count toward your required 9 SDW credits. This is a great leadership and learning opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, very manageable to complete over the course of the school year.

This video was shared with building Admins. and Coaches to help support your work through the IPA course in PLCs once a month:

Tech Tidbit: Casper Focus

Some of you have asked about using Casper Focus with students in a class with iPads. Below are instructions to help you get started.