Raymond's Run Flyer

By:Toni Bambara, Created by: Anna Pardee

Raymond's Run short summary

Raymond's Run is a story based on a girl who loves to run. She believes that she is the fastest of all fast and she is not totally wrong. Her real name is Hazel but everybody including herself call her "Squeaky". Squeaky wins every dash and relay she has ever been in for years, but will this year change everything? There is a new girl in town who is also known to be pretty fast, but Squeaky still knows she is the best! She starts off alittle shakey but ends out strong.

My opinion on this novel

In my thought I would recommend this story to others. I think it has a great message to not be overly cocky but still believe in yourself. Squeaky has to come over a few challenges but is always able to think them through and come out in victory. If you are a person who is about to be competing in something than I really recommend this to you as advice. I hope you also see this story through as I did and enjoy it also.