By: Sydney Kuncl- 7th hour

History of Judaism

Judaism started about 4,500 years (around 2,500 BC) by Abraham. It began in the Mesopotamia but spread all around the world. Judaism still exists today.

Beliefs of Judaism

Judaism believes in God or YHWH which in Hebrew means God or "I am". They also believe that their Messiah (their heroic figure) has not yet come and is going to come in the future. This religion believes in the Afterlife and that they were created in the image of God. Which means they have the ability to reason, not that they look like God.

Organization of Judaism

Judaism worships in a group by praying to God. They have Shacharit, (morning prayers) Mincha, (afternoon prayers) and Aruit, (evening prayers.) They worship in a Synagogue usually on Saturdays, and the service is lead by a rabbi. Judaism’s sacred text is the Torah.

Jewish Statistics

Judaism currently has close to 14 million followers in the world and about 5 million in the United States. Judaism can be found mostly in Israel, Europe, and the United States. Judaism also believes the purpose of life is to give obedience to God. Lastly, the Ten Commandments actually do not have ten commandments. It has ten main statements but actually has 613 commandments.

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