Sexual and Relationship Recovery Group For Men

Evidenced-Based Support for Sexual Preoccupation

Our nationally recognized sexual and relationship recovery program provides men with the structure and support they need to recover from sexual preoccupation including (but not limited to): pornography addiction, compulsive one night stands, "massage" parlors, strip clubs, hook-up apps, stalking, and other obsessive, risky, sexual behavior. Our expert team incorporates Patrick Carnes' Task-Based Model of Recovery with trauma therapy (EMDR) and the Internal Family Systems Model to guide individuals on a clear path to long term recovery.

Our Proven Results Create Lasting Change!

Group Support for Lasting Recovery

When: Monday (6-8pm), Tuesday (5-7 pm), Thursday (4-6pm)

Facilitator: Rich Andelin, LACMHC, ASAT-C & Meg Martinez, LACMHC, ASAT-C

Location: 4505 South Wasatch Blvd Ste 205, SLC, UT 84124

Tuition: $50 per group; PIF per month; on-going; no refund for no shows/cancellations; weekly commitment required for your lasting recovery

Workbooks: Facing the Shadows (phase I), Recovery Zone (phase 2/3) by Dr. Patrick Carnes (sold at our location)

RSVP: office@namasteadvice.com; 801-272-3500

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