The Advisor Advocate

November 2018


The Advisor Advocate is a monthly newsletter just for GASC Advisors! This newsletter will strive to provide the most up-to-date information concerning state, regional, and national events, as well as an useful tool for our advisors. Each month we will include an ice breaker, a lesson, and important updates for advisors. We hope you enjoy!

Ice Breaker

Dice Race!


  1. Create teams of 6-10 members. Teams should be of equal size. If uneven, one team member will have to repeat the activity.
  2. Each person will receive a craft stick. The first team member will receive 5 dice and places one end of the craft stick in their mouth.
  3. He/she must stack the five dice, one at a time on the stick and hold the stacked dice for 2 seconds (the time it takes for the next person in line to sing "Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream").
  4. The first person then passes the dice to the second person who repeats Steps 4 & 5.
  5. If the dice fall before the song is completed (2 sec), the person moves to the end of the line and will have to try again.
  6. The first team to have all members complete the task is a winner. A time limit may be set as a variation.

Processing Questions

  1. What was the most difficult part of the challenge?
  2. What did you do well as a team?
  3. Though the task was individually done, how did your team work as a group? How can this be applied to the activities your group works on throughout the year?
  4. Did someone emerge as the leader of the group? How did they become the leader?
  5. What happened when someone in the group was not successful?
  6. What did you learn from watching others? How does this apply to other activities of your group?
  7. What role did communication in the success of your group?
  8. What did you learn about members of your group? Yourself?
  9. What is the biggest lesson you learned from this activity. How does this lesson relate to your group?

Based on an activity presented by the Missouri Association of Student Councils

Project Idea


Want to show your faculty some love?

This project is sure to create an unbreakable bond!

Assign each student two to three faculty members to give thanks through gifts, letters, or just a kind gesture every month. The “theme” for each month is announced at the monthly council meetings and is designed to be used as a guideline and inspiration for their gift that month. Themes are changed monthly so that students can put more thought and meaning into their gifts instead of running short on ideas or inspiration. Every gift or letter is personally delivered by each student to their assigned faculty member by the end of the month. Dividing up the staff amongst each ambassador makes it possible for each faculty member to be honored and respected on a more intimate level. Many projects are carried out by the student body to appreciate the faculty members and all they do but Adopt-a-Faculty establishes a stronger bond between the students and staff allowing for more meaningful signs of appreciation to be shown. For example, for the month of August, students followed the “Welcome Back” theme and found gifts to welcome the staff back for the school year. Some students went for the classic apple to give to their teachers while others got their faculty member a coffee. In November, the theme “Giving Thanks” got students to write letters of appreciation for their faculty members. Adopt-a-Faculty is a way of showing the staff that they are truly loved, and the students are grateful to have them as their teachers and support staff.


We are off to an exciting year! Here are some important dates:

District 1 Rally:

November 3 at Alpharetta High School

District Reps: Natasha Havanur and Sophia Abedi

District 2 Rally:

Held October 27th at Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology!

District 3 Rally:

Postponed due to Hurricane Michael. GASC sends its love and support to these communities devastated by the storm.

District 4 Rally:

Postponed due to Hurricane Michael. GASC sends its love and support to these communities devastated by the storm.

District 5 Rally:

Held October 27 at Houston County High School!

You can locate your District by visiting and clicking Districts.

GASC Leadership Summit

November 5, 2018

Georgia State Capitol

National Conference on Student Activities

November 30 - December 2, 2018

Westin Atlanta Perimeter North

Since we are hosting the National Conference on Student Activities, this will replace our Advisor Conference this year! This is an amazing opportunity to experience a national conference right here in your home state. There will be amazing keynote speakers, seminars, and workshops. Check out the website or email us for more information. Registration is LIVE!

GASC State Convention

February 22-24, 2019

Rock Eagle 4-H Camp

Shari Endo

Middle School Advisor Liaison

Corey Stillwell

High School Advisor Liaison