Marshall Bruce Mathers III/Eminem


When Eminem started rapping before he got hits by making his own songs. His first written song was back in 1996 Eminem achieved mainstream popularity in 1999 with The Slim Shady LP; he received his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album for the commercially successful second album. Eminem is a popular rapper and song and changed music in the 21st century.


-Family: When he was a baby his mother (Deborah R. Nelson-Mather's) and his father ( Marshall Bruce Mather's, Jr.) lived in a trailer (Poor back then),His dad was abusive getting into fights,pushing Marshall's mother into things and throwing anything he gets his hands on.

Marshall's father left him when he was at the age of 12 Months or 1 year old when he was still in a small standing baby crib,His father never came back Marshall never met him or nothing all he hears was fighting fighting and fighting in-till his dad pushed his mother into Marshall's crib knocking it down and rolling on the floor.

Voices crying and yelling, it was to fast his dad left breaking down the front door and never came back,Never in his life Marshall never seen his father.

Neither his brother Marshall maybe met him a couple times in his life.

Months went by and the only whats left in his life was his mom ( Torturing,Brutal to Marshall) In-till he got a lot older his mom can't do anything,Eminem got his own YouTube videos and a job even a big house to live in.

Why did he become a singer."?

When he was growing up without his mother Marshall wanted to become a singer.

The way he done it was he started planning out the notes he took down and writing raps and songs he could use to create his very own music by the end of 2015 Marshall has a 20 pound case that has all of his songs when he first started back in 1992.

When he hooked up with Dr. Dre and his crew Eminem started getting better at making music,For that Eminem he was the fastest selling album in rap history,with is music as well

Why did he even start? And his friends

Songs/Raps: He was making raps before songs,When he raps he does 1 vs 1 (Witch means that he goes against other people and battles to them) After a few raps he turned some into songs and made those songs and edit them.

Then he moved on into music and created over 107 raps and songs all together when he was a young adult all the way up to his 40's.

With a little of help from Dr. Dre and his crew

Friends: He had no close friends.

The reason why is that because when he was a little kid he moved from 2 schools every 1 year Outta 12 years (a-Lot of schools he been too).

From his mother i don't think he would get friends the way his mom acted he hade to stay inside of his trailer in-till he got older

accomplishments,Songs and awards

Other info:He has won all of his awards less then 10-15 years,Rap god is a rap video that is a fast hit rap in history.

Awards: He has won.

12 Grammy awards.

4 Mtv awards.

Another Grammy for a 19 million sold copies of his songs world-wide.

Another Grammy for the best rap album.

Extras: He dropped out of 9th grade 3 times at the age of 17 and he started to skip and not attending to school.

All the time in school he gets beaten up every where in school


He took all of his anger and troubles in the past and took it to write song and raps and what led him today is a popular 40 year old person who is still popular today in 2015-2016.

He has broken the racial barrier in between 1990-2010 (i don't know when he did it )

He is still writing music with his man named "Dr. Dre'' and the N.W.A and having a good life of his own.

Eminem - Mockingbird
Eminem - Phenomenal
Eminem - When I'm Gone
Eminem - Not Afraid