Relationships And Dating

Elijah Noble

Relationships Benefits

Being in A relationship means that you need to have a flexible schedule to were you can meet and spend time with your mate.Next, being positive in the relationship plays a part also, don't let everything bad continue to be bad make a positive way for the situation.Lastly, being trustworthy is the relationship in a whole, trust is the relationship if there isn't any trust you might as well say no relationship.


When dating it allows you to have fun, and be able to try new things out and be yourself around others.To learn social skills also be able to stand being out with people and seeing new people , having interaction & communitcation with others. Last, there's all kinds of types of dating a couple are :
  1. Random Dating
  2. Websites Dating
Dating leads to relationships and being in a relationship can have problems from past relationships.

Peer Pressure

In relationships there can be peer pressure can be a big problem, peer pressure begins with sources of stress could be with (Work, School, Or Family.) Next, your self esteem could go down cause you think if you don't do this or that with your mate they'll leave or worse, they might continue pressuring you but you have to continue saying no until you stop. Last, if your friends are pressuring you to act differently because your not willing to do what the group wants you to those arent really your friend, they're just there for the buzz not you.