The Review

March 31, 2019

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • We will host Administration from Central Office tomorrow, April 1, in the media center.
  • LEAD ON YOUR FEET (No SITTING at DESK or TABLES for INSTRUCTION.) Staff, please know that our family values here at Spring Hill encompass us being involved with our students. Instructing from a desk, table, or rolling cart while seated should not be our practice. Please engage with your students while up and active. Give them that energy, interaction and time.
  • Spring proof pictures should be turned into the office by April 5. (Submit money to the office daily.)
  • Make plans to attend the Scotland County Art and Chorus night on Thursday, April 4 at 5:30 at SHS.
  • Remember the grade level public library visits that will take place April 1 - 3. Homeroom teachers...please collect your students permission slips for the field trip. If a student does not bring a slip they will have to stay on campus while we visit the public library. Please make arrangements to have them stay with another teacher while their class is gone.
  • Comments should be included on report carts to inform parents.
  • Are you communicating with parents for good and concerning reasons?
  • April 1 there will be an 8th grade parent meeting @ SHMS at 6:00 focused on high school registration.
  • Lesson plans for April 8 - 12 should include highlighted strategies from the faculty meeting on April 1. (See attached agenda.)
  • Please make plans for April 8/9. We will have instructional planning days and substitutes will be arranged for your classes.
  • Parent newsletter should go home tomorrow, April 1.
  • Morning and afternoon duty assignments will change on Monday, April 1. Please look over chart here and expectations for assigned duties. When you are out it is your responsibility to have someone cover for you.
  • MTSS folders/Tier 1 need to be updated now that we have completed the 3rd Check In. District office will be auditing folders over Spring Break. Please turn in 3 folders (some for ELA and math) for your grade level to Mrs. Tippett by Monday, April 15. We will have some time to work on folders during PLCs this week..
  • 1/2 day PD @ SHS on April 12 -App Smash 2019 -Learn it today; Use it tomorrow- SHS building 1&2 beginning at 8:00AM. There will be a 45 minute session, 10 minute break/session change, second 45 minute session and 5 minute evaluation at the end. Teachers will be released back to their respective buildings at approximately 9:45AM. Doors will open at 7:15 and light refreshments with coffee or water will be available until 7:55AM.
  • ATTENTION: If you know your team will need to purchase items near the end of the year, you must get with Audrey now. Our P-Card cannot be used near the end of the school year, per finance. Please get with Audrey THIS WEEK to share anything you plan to do that will require the use of school funds. (food, materials, vendors, bounce house, etc.)


Below are testing dates:

  • Tuesday, April 2 - 8th grade science / makeups
  • Wednesday, April 3 - Make ups
  • Thursday, April 4 - Make ups
  • Cell phones should be put away during testing. Usage will jeopardize a testing misadministration.
  • All teachers are required to walk around while students are testing.

This Week

  • April 1 - STAFF MEETING

  • April 1 - Base/Softball @ home

  • April 1 - Duty Assignments change (See attached)

  • April 1 - 8th Grade high school registration parent night

  • April 1-3 - Grade level public library visits (see schedule above)

  • April 2 - Soccer @ home

  • April 2 - Track @ SHS

  • April 2 - End of 3rd nine weeks grading period

  • April 2 - 8th grade science / makeups
  • April 3 - Make ups
  • April 4 - Make ups
  • April 4 - Scotland County Art and Chorus night at SHS @ 5:30
  • April 4-5 - 8th grade high school registration

Upcoming Date

  • April 10 - Report cards go home
  • April 12 - 1/2 day AM PD /afternoon students
  • April 16 - Little Mermaid play @ SHS
  • April 18 - Awards Day
  • April 18 - 12:00 - 1:00 SHS job fair for 8th grade
  • April 18- 3rd 9 weeks Awards Assembly

  • April 18- TLC (Open Gym 12:00-2:00) schedule coming soon

  • April 19- Good Friday Holiday- No School

  • April 22-26- Spring Break

Upcoming Testing Windows:

  • ELA Writing Assessments April 1-18
  • 4th Common Assessment/Mock EOG April 30-May 3
  • EOGs May 24-June 7

Friday Review information is due to Beth Tippett by Thursdays at 4:00pm at