Global Citizen

Brian Smith


One who shows understanding and compassion towards others that aren't the same race or gender as them

"Just Walk on By"

In this essay author Brent Staples remembers his realization of being perceived as dangerous just because of his color. A young woman misjudges Staples to be a mugger, leaving him with an embarrassed feeling. Soon after this he realizes that when other think of him as being dangerous he could be wronged just as easily just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mark Twain Satire

They used a parliamentary government system to elect people to be eaten. They resorted to cannibalism eating about twelve men in the process all elected fairly by the majority of the others. The story of cannibalism was an exaggeration of the truth.


In everyday life I try to be a non-judgemental person and befriend everyone because of their personality and not who they are on the outside.
Global Citizen