solar system exploration

Tyrone Watts

Pre 1900

Sir Frederick William Herschel. Was born in 11/15/1738. Died in 8/25/1822

How he Became Famous

He became famous from discovering Uranus and its two moons.He had also discoverd two of Saturn moons aswell.


Sir Frederick William Herschel was an astronomer a technical expert and also a composer.


He discoverd Uranus and two of its moons he also discoverd Saturns two moons aswell.

Date of Discoveries

He'd made all of his discoveries in 1781.

Technologies Used

He'd used a giant telescope to look at the stars and planets.The telescope was made by him it was big.

Post 1900

Mars Rover:Curiosity.Was sent to mars in 2012 and is still there today.

The Objective or Goal

The goal for the mars rover was to find life but it is still searching.

Technologies Used

This rover was made out of steels, metals, iron and a ton of electronics like a radio device so that nasa could look what the rover had found.This rover weighs 1063kg and 2343lbs.


The Rover has found water in the mar's dirt in the first hundred days of it bieng up on mars.

Additional Information

Curiosity is a AMV a acronym that stand for Automated Motor Vehicle.