Night of the Twisters

Ivy Ruckman

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This book is about a tornado that happened in Grand Island,Nebraska.This book is based on a true story.It talks about how they survived in the tornado and what they were doing during the tornado.Also it tells about how they saved some people.Another thing was how Dan talked about how Jack was not his real dad and how his dad died when he was 6 and how he died by flying in a small plane and he never came back and his name was Daniel

Problem And Solution

Problem: One problem is that a bunch of tornadoes keep on hitting. Dan could not find his family. Solution: He finds Stacy and mom but later loses mom. Later on he stumbles into mom, dad, and Ryan.


It took place in Grand Island Nebraska, in 1980.One of the other places was Dan's house it was destroyed.Another setting was the armory that was where they stayed for a little bit because it was safe.
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