December Update

Army Trail Elementary School

Vison and Hearing Screenings

Yearly all students receive hearing and vision screenings. Students that do not pass the first time are rescreened. This year the first screening will take place on December 1 & 2, followed by the rescreening on December 15 & 16.

MAP Assessment

During the first two weeks of December, we will be administering our Winter MAP assessment. This assessment allows for tracking and monitoring student growth, tells us what students have learned, and, more importantly, what they are ready to learn. This information is also used to target and implement interventions for students needing additional assistance. Please encourage your student to try their best!

Parent Teacher Association

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Army Trail is looking for parents and families member to volunteer and help the PTA. The PTA is vital to supporting students through family-oriented activities, fundraising, and other unique opportunities. Please consider helping out! Please reach out to Yolitzin Martinez for additional information.

Winter Weather

As the temperature gets colder and winter sets in, please ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the weather. Army Trail students will go outside for mask breaks, recess, and unstructured play throughout the winter unless there is precipitation, ice, or temperatures below 20 degrees. If you know of anyone in need of winter coats, please contact the Army Trail Office.

It is also vital, for the safety of our students, that the student pickup and dropoff procedures are followed. Please click the buttons below to review those procedures.

Second Step: Setting the Stage

This month, our schoolwide theme is our school as a welcoming place where every student feels like he or she belongs. In our morning announcements and school assembly, we’ll be reminding students to welcome others and act and speak in safe, respectful, and responsible ways.

We’ll also begin teaching the Second Step program, which includes lessons that support these behaviors.

Support your child at home in welcoming others and acting and speaking in safe, respectful, and responsible ways. Please tell your child’s teacher if you have questions about specific ways you can help your child with these behaviors at home.

Next month, our schoolwide theme is skills for learning: listening, focusing attention, using self-talk to stay on-task, and being assertive when asking for help with a learning task. In our morning announcements and school assembly, we’ll be reminding students of these skills, which help students be successful learners.

What is Second Step?

Second Step is a universal, classroom-based, social-emotional learning curriculum for Kindergarten to 5th grade that nurtures children’s social-emotional competence and foundational learning skills.
SEL for Today

All School Celebration

Every month Army Trail celebrates students that have met or exceeded our expectations for behavior by being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. On Friday, December 2, we will celebrate by having a dance party in the gym, a yoga session in the cafeteria, and a fall trivia game in each classroom that each grade level will rotate through. Students who have not met our expectations will attend an alternative activity by receiving an office referral during the month. During this time, students will be re-educated on the Army Trail expectations.

1st Trimester Attendance Awards

Post pandemic, school has become more difficult for many students. Many families continue to make many sacrifices to ensure their children attend school daily. As a school, we want to continue to recognize the families that make these sacrifices and recognize each student's efforts to attend school regularly.

Starting next week, we will be celebrating students will attendance above 90% for the 1st Trimester. Students that have met the criteria will be recognized in one of the following three categories.

  • Certificate of Attendance - Student achieving between 90 and 94% attendance
  • Excellence in Attendance - Students achieving between 95 and 99% attendance
  • Perfect Attendance - Student achieving 100% attendance

Shield Testing

SHIELD testing will continue on Wednesday mornings on 12/1, 12/8, & 12/15 For those participating in our weekly COVID testing.

Early Release Day

To accommodate the Vaccine Clinic, the school calendar has been changed. Monday, December 13, will now be an Early Release Day. All Army Trail Students will be dismissed at 12:00 PM. This is also a Late Start Monday, and students should still arrive by 9:30.

The school day on Monday, December 13, will be from 9:30 PM to 12:00 PM.

ASD4/JEWEL Vaccine Clinic

No School Monday, December 20 2021 - Monday, January 4 2022

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